American singer Sara Bareilles initially sent a wave in the LGBTQ community when she mysteriously indicated that she was attracted to women.

The California native is a popular singer-songwriter in the music industry. Her single Love Song became a huge hit and reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100. She also garnered major attention for her music and lyrics in Broadway musical Waitress, which won a Tony Award as Best Original Song and also got nominated for Best Musical Theatre Award in the Grammy Awards.

Musical Again: Sara Bareilles sings “She Used To Be Mine” at the official London launch of Waitress The Musical (Published on Sep 26, 2018 )

The American singer is now busy with the new production of the musical Waitress where she has given the original music and lyrics. The musical will be performed in the Adelphi Theatre from February 2019.

Sara Bareilles Bio: Age, Parents, Education

Sara Bareilles was born on 7 December 1979 in Eureka, California to parents Bonnie Halverson, a funeral home worker, and Paul Bareilles, an insurance adjuster. She was raised in her birthplace in Humboldt County along with two sisters and a half-sister.

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After graduating from high school in 1998, she attended the University of California, Los Angeles to study Communications. She was involved in an acapella group while in college before she graduated from UCLA in 2002.

Sara's Career Rocket With First Demo

Just after graduating, Sara became serious on pursuing her dream of being a musician. During her early three years, she had to sing in local bars and clubs in Los Angeles. She also performed in open-mic held during festivals.

While she was singing at bars and clubs, in 2004, she recorded her first demo by the name Careful Confessions. The demo got the attention of Epic Records and the company signed a deal with Sara in 2005. For some time after that, the California native opened in concerts for artists like Rocco DeLuca and Guster.

It was 2006 when her song Gravity was featured in movie Loving Annabelle. Sara released her first album Little Voice in 2007 which became the number 1 most downloaded album in July of that year and made her even popular as a singer. She also released her second album in 2010 named Kaleidoscope Heart.

The American singer-songwriter, age 39, wrote lyrics and composed music for musical Waitress which earned her the nomination for a Tony Award nomination in Best Original Score in February 2017. The musical's original score made her even more acclaimed in the musical fraternity.

Dating Boy Friend From Previous Musical

The waitress was fulfilling for the aspiring musician in many senses. On one hand, it made her a household name earning her the biggest award in Theatre industry while on the other hand, she also met her boyfriend in the sets.

Sara has been dating one of her former fellow co-star from musical Waitress, Joe Tippett who currently stars in the NBC’s TV series Rise.

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She met her boyfriend when they worked together in 2015 on the sets of Waitress when the musical was still in the stage of try-out phase. Though the couple never performed together on stage, their romance flourished off-stage.

She was grateful that she worked on Waitress, as she got to know several good people, including Joe Tippett. She said in an interview with People:

My life is so different because of Waitress. The people that I’m close to, the things I do professionally, my colleagues, my best friend, and my boyfriend, like all of these things have come to me because of the show. And it’s really beautiful.

The musical not only was beautiful in every sense, acting, music, and storyline but also was the reason behind a beautiful relationship.

Together Now: Sara Bareilles with her boyfriend and could-be husband Joe Tippett on the premieres of TV show Rise where Joe stars (Photo:

However, as in movies and musicals, her life was not as rosy as it was meant to be, as a tweet sent the internet to raptors leading her to fend off questions regarding her sexuality.

Sara Bareilles Attracts Gay Rumors With Tweet

Sara Bareilles is well known in the LGBTQ community for her support and kindness towards it. She has a song named Brave which became a huge hit and was embraced by the gay community as an anthem.  It is thought that she wrote the song for one of her gay friends who had a hard time coming out.

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The American singer brought a storm among the fans after a tweet on 30 April 2018 she made about her hit song Love Song.

To a fan’s question: ‘Would @SaraBareilles be as popular today if she wrote him a love song because he asked for it?’, she replied:

It was never about a he.

This blew bombs in the fan community who thought that she meant she was gay.

The rumor flew away in ashes after she clarified that the song was not about a ‘he’ but about an ‘it’. With this, cases rested and the fans community breathe with easiness.

Is Sara Planning To Get Married In 2018? Husband?

The couple has grown supportive of each other, as both of them appeared for many events and shows together. Bareilles joined Tippett on the red carpet premiere of his show Rise on February 2018.

She was also seen with her boyfriend on numerous occasions including the opening night of The New Group’s play All The Fine Boys in March and 2017’s Tony Awards.

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It is not for sure Sara will turn the boyfriend to her husband in a matter of a couple of years or not, but if the chemistry persists for long, it is not too far that they tie a knot to be a married couple. And the case may, we would be happy to see them married as husband and wife.