For the American crooner, Johnny Mathis, marriage was not the way of life, not a requirement. In fact, with his large family by his side, he never felt the need of starting a separate family of his own.

The Texas-born California-native is a legendary singer and musician, who ranks right among the greats of the American music industry like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, etc. Since his debut, Johnny has been active in the music industry with 73 studio albums in his repertoire, the latest of which is Jonny Mathis Sings The Great New American Songbook.

Johnny Mathis's songs have become soundtracks of acclaimed movies like Goodfellas and Silver Linings Playbook.

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Johnny Mathis Bio: Age, Ethnicity & Family

Born on 30 September to a family of African American ethnicity 1935 in Gilmer, Texas, Johnny actually grew up in San Francisco, California with his six siblings, three brothers, and three sisters.

While his mother, Mildred, taught him cooking and valuable life skills, his father, Clem, taught him his career passion, music. Johnny’s father was a singer and quite adept at playing piano, and from him, Johnny learned to appreciate music from an early age.

Johnny Mathis's Biography Boasts Lifetime Achievement Award & Unbelievable Net Worth

Today Jonny Mathis doesn’t need an introduction, but there was one time when the legendary crooner was only a struggling artist. His first album, a 1956 jazz record, was a slow-sell and Mathis earned his living, during those early years, by singing in the nightclubs.

But it was to change soon, in 1957, two songs that would rocket him to fame, It’s Not For Me To Say and Wonderful! Wonderful!, were published. Johnny would later go on to record 73 studio albums, 3 live albums, and 26 compilations and sell over 360 million records.

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For his unparalleled contribution to the music industry, Johnny was not only won Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award but also the mind-numbing net worth of $ 400 million.

Gay & Unmarried In Real Life; Extended Family Is Enough

Coming to his personal life, Johnny is openly gay and unmarried to the day. About him being gay, Johnny wasn’t publicly out until 1982, but people close to him knew; he had come out with his father as a gay when was only 17 years of age.

When talking about why he hasn’t married yet (after all being gay is not a restriction to a married life), Johnny said that he already had a large family, with lots of nieces and nephews, who are like the children of his own.

Family Matters: Johnny Mathis spending his time with his family, everyone eating and laughing (Photo:

Thus, he never had the urge to have children of his own, or get married for that matter.

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Right now, Johnny is having a great time with his large family and marriage does not seem to be anywhere on the horizon.