Unlike in many celebrity relationships, South African jazz singer Susie Hariet was never bothered by her husband romancing with other women on the screen; such was the understanding and trust she was born with.

The South African-native is a jazz singer and music teacher but is most famous for being the wife of the Downtown Abbey actor Dan Stevens. The name of Dan Stevens, and hence of Susie Hariet, was more popularised by Disney's recent Emma Watson starring motion picture, Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast: Watch Susie's husband, Dan Stevens, in the male lead in Disney's new release Beauty and the Beast (Published 30 January 2017)

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Susie and Dan Stevens's eldest daughter helped designed Emma Watson's dress for her role as Belle in the Beauty and the Beast.

Susie Hariet Bio: Age & Height

Thousands of miles away from her adult home of London, and later New York, Susie was born in South Africa to an actress mother. Though exact date is not known, the 42-aged jazz singer was probably born sometime in the mid-seventies.

Susie is quite an average height for a woman, standing a little shorter than her tall husband.

Susie Hariet & Dan Stevens Met As Stage Performers, Married, And Sustained Despite Problems

2006, Dan Stevens was in his early twenties trying to make it as an actor. And Susie Hariet was in her late twenties trying to make it as a jazz singer. One was performing as an actor in a stage drama, The Romans in Britain, and the other was performing as a singer in one musical. Their paths crossed as professionals and then parted. Three years later they were married and set on their way to start a family.

Almost a decade later, they are still married with three children. It wasn’t that the problems didn’t come their way, Dan's acting job did pose barriers for one as he had to perform intimate scenes with other women, but a daughter of an actress herself, Susie understood and supported her husband all along. Dan Stevens, on his part, remained loyal to Susie and supported her on own career.

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Susie Shares Massive Net Worth With Her Husband

It is mostly with her association with her international heartthrob of an actor husband that Susie has fame and net worth. After gaining fame as Matthew Crawley in Downtown Abbey, Susie's husband, Dan Stevens went on to work in very popular movies like Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, and recently Disney's blockbuster starring Emma Watson, Beauty, and the Beast. As Beast, Dan acted--and danced--the audience's heart over. 

While not as popular as her husband, Susie has made a successful career of her on. After her immigration from South Africa, Susie has worked in various stage musicals and very recently turned into a music teacher.

Together, Susie and Dan own the net worth of over $ 4 million and yet more is to come.

Where Are Susie And Her Husband, Dan Stevens Now?

With Dan getting numerous lucrative job offers from Hollywood, the Stevens family moved to New York. They currently live in a lavish home in the Brooklyn Heights of New York with their three children, eldest daughter Willow, son Aubrey, and youngest daughter Eden.

Loving Couple: Dan Stevens and Susie Hariet have been together since 2006 and still like a fresh young couple (Photo: Dan Stevens' Instagram)

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Stevens family often indulges in going on the excursions around New York, strengthening their bond.

After almost 12 years of being together, the love between Susie an Dan hasn't faltered one bit. The credit goes their constant attempts at renewing their spark, be it with surprise birthday parties, with constantly praising each other in public, or with frequent red carpet appearances.