Lara Logan, a famous South African television journalist and war correspondent, has reported on some of the biggest stories from the world’s most dangerous places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Angola, and Kosovo. However, in recent years, the correspondent herself became the headlines after she underwent a brutal sexual assault in Cairo during the Arab Spring.

The South Africa-native is well known in the journalism as a fearless reporter, who has bravely dived into the war-prone zones for the sake of truthful investigation. She is currently the chief foreign correspondent for CBS News and also reports for CBS 60 minutes.

60 Minutes: Lara Logan reports on the US's war against terror in Afghanistan and casualty caused by it in CBS's 60 Minutes (published 14 2018)

Lara Logan Bio (Age)

On 29th March 1971, Lara was born in Durban, South Africa. She graduated high school from Durban Girls' School and later went on to get her bachelor's degree from the University of Natal in Durban in commerce.

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Lara also has a diploma in French language, culture, and history from Alliance Francaise.

Lara Logan Career: From Minor Reporting In Durban To Chief Foreign Matter Correspondent For CBS

Starting her career during her studies in Durban as a news reporter for the Sunday Tribune, she joined Durban's Daily News after graduation from college. In a few years, Lara was working as a freelance journalist working on assignments for ITN, Fox, ABC, CBS News, NBC, and European Broadcast Union.

She has reported for major world events like Kosovo war, US embassy bombings in Nairobi, the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan, Arab Spring, Northern Ireland conflicts.

After CBS granted her a full correspondent position for reporting in Afghanistan, Lara spent years in the war-torn country embedded with the US military, reporting directly from the battlefields. Afghanistan remains a place beloved to her because of the time she spent there.

The veteran journalist is still working for CBS, as a chief foreign affairs correspondent and reporter for 60 minutes.

Casualty Of Fearless Reporting, Opens Up About Rape & Assault

Journalism was not always investigation and breaking stories for Lara, it had it's darker dangerous aspect too. And Lara had to face one of the most brutal of that side of journalism.

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Lara Logan, the correspondent for the CBS News magazine 60 Minutes, who was almost killed during the revolution in Tahrir Square, Egypt in February 2011, wanted people to know what happened to her during a brutal sexual assault by sharing her story to US television news show 60 Minutes.

Breaking her silence, she said this kind of brutal activities happens with women, and that is wrong.

Assaulted: Logan, the day she was assaulted by a mob in Eygpt on February 11 (Photo:

CBS News released a statement that on 3rd February 2011 while covering the Egyptian revolution, Lara and her CBS crew were arrested by the Egyptian Army.

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After that, they were attacked and beaten by a mob of some 300 men while covering the celebrations in Tahrir Square following Hosni Mubarak's resignation. The incident lasted for around twenty-five minutes.

Lara further said, her crew was handcuffed, blindfolded, and held at gunpoint. After that, Lara was separated from her team, was stripped naked and continuously penetrated with hands.

The mob, then, dragged her along the square where the crowd was stopped by a fence, alongside which a group of women was camping believing that she was dying. However, she was saved by a group of women who were dressed in a full-length veil. One woman from the group held back the mob and covered her.

It took Lara ten weeks to recover from her injuries, after which she was taken back home. Even the then-President Barack Obama contacted her after she returned home.

A CBS source said Lara’s was hospitalized numerous times as she continued to suffer after her attack in Egypt. Lara had even asked to make some serious decision regarding undergoing plastic surgery as she had already started going to her work.

One Marriage Failed, Found Happiness In Second

Lara has been married twice in her life. She was previously married to Jason Siemon, a professional basketball player, in 1998. However, the relationship between them did not last long, and the marriage ended in divorce.

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After getting a divorce, she tied the knot with Joseph Burkett, a US government defense contractor, in the year 2008. The couple is blessed with a son named Joseph who was born in December 2008, a daughter named Lola, born in March 2010, and Joseph’s daughter, Ashley, from a previous marriage.

Her son Joseph was diagnosed with several learning disabilities including dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia and hyperactivity disorder. For her son, she later decided to move to a tiny town in Texas.

Lara might have faced some backlash because of her brave nature, but the respect she has garnered over the years from her peers, and love she gets from her family, might do something to lessen her tragedy.