Koe Wetzel is a weird (in a good way) combination of country and rock & roll music. The Texas-born independent musician has been making music since forever, but it was from 2015 that he started achieving noteworthy success. At present, he has sold over 200 thousand albums and gathered 100 million streams and views on the internet.

Here, we try to reveal some info regarding his real name and his country background and also address things about whether he is married or not.

Info Regarding Koe Wetzel’s Real Name

Koe Wetzel doesn't seem like a real name for someone born in the south, and that is because it isn’t. Wetzel revealed his full name during a Twitter interaction with his fans in February 2018.

A Twitter handle named Samantha Schwenke asked Wetzel in February 2018 what his real name was. Replying to the person’s tweet, he said that his real name was Ropyr Madison Koe. 

In addition to that, his Facebook page, which has been inactive since September 2016, also says that his name is Ropyr Madison Koe Wetzel. This implies that the word ‘Wetzel’ is just a pseudonym of his choice that he uses for artistic purposes.

Koe Wetzel's Facebook ID snapshot

A screenshot of Koe Wetzel's personal Facebook ID  (Photo: Ropyr Madison Koe Wetzel/Facebook)

If we research a bit deeper into the word’s meaning, a few things come up. First thing is that Wetzel is a surname in Germany according to Forebears. Another is that ‘Wetzel’ means a plethora of things according to many user submissions on Urban Dictionary, most of which are too crude to even discuss here. We trust you’ll do your own research.

Where Is Koe Wetzel From? His Country And Rock Music Influences

Koe Wetzel was born on July 14, 1992, in Pittsburg, Texas. He got his connection to country music from his family, specifically his mother, but his whole family contributed to his musical evolution.

Wetzel used to travel with his mom as she went from one town to another performing classic country music, especially in the Opry circuit — a phrase used to denote the country music concerts held all over Texas.

His grandfather introduced him to Creedence Clearwater Revival, an American rock band. And finally, his father got him into the world of hip-hop as he got to know Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, and 50 Cent from him.

Further, he developed a liking for alternative rock as he heard Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Willie Nelson, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, and Nirvana growing up.

Does Koe Wetzel Have A Wife? Details About His Personal Life

Koe Wetzel is very, very private about his personal life. 

But, seeing as how crazy women go on Twitter for him, hitting on him all the time, it would not be too far a stretch to assume that he is single.

His female fans and followers on Twitter are really something else. They are seen just throwing themselves at him — most of them offering to be his partner or wife.

One user named First Responder Foundation said that his wife would give him up for a pair of tickets to Koe’s concert. Ouch!

In another instance, the Texan just asked randomly on Twitter whether the state of Utah sold alcohol. Hilariously, a Twitter user named Tiana Martinez replied saying “No but we sell extra wives In case you need more than one”

Delia Jackson, too, offered herself to Koe, but instead of thinking about just marriage, it looks as though she was thinking of a time way past their marriage.

We will have to see if any of these fangirls will actually land the hunky musician. In the meantime, all we can do is speculate and laugh at the funny tweets.