American rapper Molly Brazy is famous for her hit song, Let It Blow. But here's the thing, how many of you can bet that you know the rapper's real name?

Think, but do not google! Why? Well, many sites on the internet have claimed Brazy's real name to be Molly Brazo. But, it turns out the name is nowhere near her real one.

Today, find out her real name and the reason behind why she kept her stage name Molly Brazy. Also, know at what age she gave birth to her first kid.

Molly Brazy Unveiled Her Real Name On Instagram Live

The uprising artist is quite popular on Instagram; she has more than a million followers. Now, the fun part is, the singer is quite regularly live on the said social media platform. More to that, she openly addresses the questions from her fans in the session.

Thanks to her friendly nature, the biggest mystery revolving around her real name finally got solved! It has come to the light that her real name is not Molly Brazo but, Kamaiyah.

Imma say one more time, Imma say one last time. My name is Kamaiyah. That's my real name.

After Molly revealed the real name, she also reasoned behind why she used 'Molly' as her stage name. She said she chose the name to represent her vibes of being high in life.

Molly had also talked about the inspiration behind her stage name back in 2016. Saying that it represented her personality, she had stated that her name came from ‘the hood’ in an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes 2.

Molly Brazy Gave Birth To Her Son At The Age Of 21

The high-on-life rapper is a mother to a baby boy. She gave birth to her son, Milli, in October 2020. Time and again, she showcases her little bundle of joy in her Instagram account, be it through her posts, stories, or her live sessions.

The Detroit native, who was born on February 22, 1999, was 21 years old when her son was born.

Molly Brazy And Her Son's Father Have On-And-Off Relationship

The father of Molly Brazy's son is non-other than her boyfriend, Tez Debate. The basketball player was with Molly at the time of their son's birth.

Though Molly and Tez are parents to a son, they have always been tight-lipped about their relationship. So much so, it can only be speculated that the duo started dating in 2017. Molly had revealed to have a boyfriend in October 2017. But it's not sure if the boyfriend was Tez at the time.

Nevertheless, what is sure is that the pair have been in an on-and-off relationship. How is that so? Well, Molly has at times talked about her breakup and even stated to be single through her social media posts. One such instance was in January 2016, when she tweeted saying 'done with the relationship.'

Then, after two months, in March 2018, she again posted a slideshow of pictures stating her singlehood. The first picture of her slideshow said: "forever single." Then the second one featured the quote: "One of the hardest things to do in life is letting go what you thought was real." Finally, the third picture stated, "Love me like you say you say you love me, then we will be forever."

The post made it clear that Molly had broken up with her boyfriend then. But, obviously not for long. The pair are somehow back together and are relishing their parenthood.