Described as a true visionary in every way of words -- Vanessa Ramirez is an American TV host, model, and actor who is best known as a 12 News Traffic Anchor.

Her current involvement also includes; an in-game host for the Arizona Diamondbacks (American Baseball Team), host of the TV show Su Vida and co-host for a local Phoenix talk radio show.

12 News Channel: Vanessa Ramirez delivers weekend traffic news for her viewers (Photo: YouTube| 23 February 2018)

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Recognized also as a model with a tall height and gorgeous body, she has worked for several commercials, fashion shows and print ads for Dillard’s, PetSmart and SmartScrubs print ads.

As of her acting career, she has starred in two independent films Jake’s Corner and Dead West.

Vanessa Ramirez Bio: Grief-Stricken By The Loss Of Her Father But Rose Up Strong

The Phoenix, Arizona native born in 1982 to parents Frank and Belinda Ramirez celebrates her birthday every year on 10 May. A daddy’s girl, Vanessa was grief-stricken in 2012 when she lost her father after an 18-month battle with non-smokers lung cancer.

Happy Father's Day: Vanessa Ramirez expresses the love and gratitude for her late father (Photo: Vanessa Ramirez's Instagram| 2018)

And now she serves as an advocate, spreading education and awareness at the National Lung Cancer Partnership. That’s what ‘uplift yourself from the things that bring you down’ actually means!

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As for her education, she attended Maryvale High School. Going against her parents wish for her to study medicine, she later went onto graduated with a B.A. degree in Communications from Grand Canyon University in 2003.

Discover Vanessa Ramirez’s Stepping Stones To Success

During her time at GCU, the public speaking class she took elevated her self-confidence and internships at KISS FM (104.7) & ABC15 prepared her for her future endeavors. And the result of all that, she is now a versatile television personality with a strong professional portfolio.

She recently made a debut on NBC’s hit TV reality series Love in the Wild where couples barter for love and navigate a challenge that tests their fears, patience, and compatibility as a team.

Is Vanessa Ramirez Married or Single?

A darling personality, anyone would be delighted to date her! But the thing is Vanessa hasn’t let anyone in her life and married or it seems so because there is no dating history disclosed when it comes to her love life.

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And to hear from the secretive Vanessa about her desire for love, the month of Valentine is the perfect time of the year. She often tweets every year around the month of February expressing her feelings about the day.

For instance, she shared her feelings on a tweet stating:

There are a few times I wouldn't mind having a boyfriend and unloading the groceries from the car is one of them! Haha

But our speculations if she is dating or single was put into rest through a reply to her 2018 Valentine’s Day tweet.

Married or Single: Vanessa Ramirez replies to her co-worker on her 2018 Valentine's Day Tweet (Photo: Vanessa Ramirez's Twitter| 2018)

Well, through the tweet she made it clear that she is single but we hope Vanessa would soon find someone to unload her groceries with, in the coming days!