American traffic anchor Demetria Obilor was once struck with a controversy regarding her dressing style. Despite all the hate, she stood up with positivity and gave the inspiration to become a strong and bold woman like her.

Demetria Obilor is an American news presenter who is best known as the Traffic Ensemble Anchor for ABC's station in Dallas WFAA-TV. Prior to the current position, she served as a traffic anchor for Las Vegas-based CBS station KLAS-TV and worked as a reporter for the networks segment Trending Now as well.

She has also worked for different stations holding various positions in KUJH-TV news, KJHK Radio, and Carter Broadcast Group.

Demetria Obilor Bio (Age & Parents)

Born in the year 1991, the Kansas native celebrates her birthday every year on 29 March. She was brought up in a multi-ethnic family along with her three brothers as her parents belonged to different backgrounds.

Parents: Demetria Obilor shares throwback pictures with her mom and dad (Photo: Demetria Obilor's Twitter)

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Her father is Nigerian while her mother comes from a Polish, German, Lithuanian, and Russian descent.

How Much Salary Does Demetria Obilor Earn As Traffic Anchor?

She graduated with a bachelor’s of science in broadcast journalism from the University of Kansas. Demetria started her professional career earlier working for various stations in different positions.

But her on-air career only started after graduating college. She joined NBC affiliate KSHB-TV in  2012 as a production technician. Then in 2013, she went onto work as a Traffic reporter for the network until 2014.

After this, she moved to work as a traffic anchor for KLAS-TV in 2014. As of now, she is serving as a traffic ensemble anchor for WFAA earning an estimated average salary of $161K -$175K.

Demetria Obilor Body-Shamed Over Her Dressing Style

Working in the public eye, criticisms are inevitable as thousands and millions of viewers are watching you.

The same thing struck upon Demetria when one of her viewers criticized her for dressing in a size 6 being size 16/18 women also stating that her body is too big.

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But the hate comments didn’t bring her down, instead, she addressed it with positivity. She addressed her haters saying, “My body is built this way, and if you don’t like it you have other options.” 

Demetria Obilor Married With Husband Or Still Single?

When it comes to Demetria’s love life, she has left us with no clues at all except for some funny tweets to speculate upon.

As per her tweets, she has jokingly mentioned Evil Morty from Rick & Morty and Venom as a boyfriend material for her. Well if you’re interested to be her future husband you know what type of men she likes right?

Watch Out Future Husbands: Demetria Obilor posts a meme-y boyfriend related tweet (Photo: Demetria Obilor's Twitter)

And not only that, in April 2017 she posted a tweet saying “If a single girl tells you she has a boyfriend, she's not interested. Facts.”  This is definitely going down in the book of facts to understand what a girl really thinks!

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With no insight on her actual love life, it looks like she’s single. But well with a fun-loving and exuberant personality like hers, her future husband will definitely be damn lucky to have her!