Toni Yates can't keep herself from bragging about her children, but she has kept her lips sealed when it comes to mentioning their father — her husband.

But, despite her reluctance to delve into details, once in a blue moon, she talks about a 'great guy' on social media. These mentions have helped create speculations about the man behind one of the most prominent anchors in town.


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The American native rose to fame as a news reporter for WPHL-TV WB17 during her initial years. She currently works as a reporter and fill-in co-anchor for Eyewitness News WABC-TV based in New Jersey.

The veteran anchor is also a proud member of the National Association of Black Journalists and has been associated with the Girl Scouts for most of her career.

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Toni Yates Is a Loving Mother to Three Children

Yates was born in 1963, and she celebrates her birthday on 29 November. She was raised in her birthplace, Jacksonville, Florida, by her Seminole parents Al and Gwen Yates.

She graduated from Bishop Kenny High School and later from Florida State University with a major in Communications.

A person of average height, she is part of a family whose parents have half a century-long married life behind them. And at 55 years of age, she is still in awe about how they raised the family despite the hardships they faced.

She certainly has many tales to pass down to her children about their grandparents' married life.

The expert reporter herself sets up examples of motherhood and parents five kids.

She has brought three children into the world — two daughters, Sarah Austyn Fennell and Alexis Naomi Fennell, and a son, Gabriel Wendell Harvey. 

Toni Yates' Career: Thousands In Salary On The Go

Yates has accumulated rich experience in the journalism field over the years. Having started as a reporter at WTOC, she has only gone from strength to strength. 

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The experienced reporter worked with renowned networks including WSAV,  WTLV, and WJXT until 1994. She went on to join WPHL-TV WB17 where she worked till 2005, finally landing on WABC-TV Eyewitness News in the following year. 


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The promising career at Eyewitness News has garnered her well with an average salary of $93,000 which allows her to relish a luxurious life in New Jersey with the family.

The experienced reporter worked with renowned networks including WSAV, WTLV, and WJXT until 1994. Then, she went on to join WPHL-TV WB17where she worked till 2005, finally landing on WABC-TV Eyewitness News in the following year. 

Her promising career at Eyewitness News has been financially fruitful for her. Her estimated salary of $93,000 allows her to live a luxurious life in New Jersey with her family.

Is Toni Yates Married In 2021?

Once a married woman, who had three kids with her husband Arthur Fennell, she is reluctant to talk about her former partner. Why? Well, it could be that she has already moved on from her ex-husband and is now enjoying the company of another man.  

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The latter seems to be true for the powerful African-American anchor as a man she labels 'great guy' has been seen spending time with the Yates' family of late.   

Family: Toni Yates posted a picture in 2017 with her kids and a man whom she captioned 'great guy' (Photo: Toni Yates' Twitter)

Whether it be family celebrations with her kids or taking her kids to school, the 'great guy' can be seen mingling with them.

Moreover, when her kids wished her for Mother's day on Instagram, they posted a photo of her along with the 'great guy.' 

Her position with her 'great guy' is not clear. However, the chances are that this guy could be the man she would love to turn into a husband. And as it seems her kids already like him.