American social media personality Savannah LaBrant endured the struggle of teenage motherhood. Her baby daddy was an irresponsible man. Fortunately, she met her soulmate in fellow internet star!

Savannah LaBrant is the other half of the well-adored newly-wed duo, from the popular YouTube vlogs channel, Cole&Sav. Their videos focus on their imperfect family, their relationship, and notably their adorable children named Everleigh-- who is by far the star of the show!

Book On The Way: La Brant Family reveal details about their upcoming book, Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story (Published on 8 September 2018)

The couple’s debut book, Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story, will be available from 9 October 2018.

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Inside the book, they talk about their love story diving deeper into details about how ‘God’ guided the two together- especially when Savannah, a single mother- needed companionship in her life the most. But more interestingly, it also explores the couple’s individual stories, including their struggles before they met each other.

Savannah LaBrant's Short Bio (Age)

Born on 2 March 1993, Savannah Souta's mother is Deborah Soutas. She has a sister, Chantelle, a former member of the R&B group, Flipsyde.

Savannah Pregnant At Age 19; Splits With Baby Daddy, Tom Smith

Savannah’s baby daddy’s name is Tom Smith. He was a terrible boyfriend and is a more terrible baby daddy-- who is rarely around their daughter.

She was deeply in love with her boyfriend, so much that despite being cheated on numerous times and being reminded of the scar from her childhood when her parents got divorced, she stayed and gave him a chance after chance.

So when she found out that she was pregnant at a premature age of 19, she was ‘scared to death.’ But their fluctuating relationship scared her even more.

Toiled between the uncertain life she would have to lead on without finishing college as a pregnant student- with the fact that she had to tell her parents about it, she had no idea what to do.

Surprisingly her boyfriend was excited about her being pregnant. However, no matter how hard it was for her to part ways with her boyfriend, who just wasn’t the right one for her, she made a bold decision, deciding to raise her baby by herself.

Savannah's Mother Helped Raise Everleigh

The compassion that she once had for her mother became an experience. She was going to be a mother, a teen mother to be precise, and she didn’t want her child to grow up in a toxic relationship because she knew very well how it was like growing up inside a broken family.

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A hopeless and heart wrenched Savannah’s only hope was her mother, who helped her recover as well as raise her baby. Without her supportive mother, she couldn’t have had raised Everleigh.

How Savannah Met Her Future Husband, Cole LaBrant Plus Wedding Vows!

Savannah got married to Cole on 9 July 2017. However, before the pair started dating, it was unimaginable to pair the two together. Their age gap and the fact that they lived in different states didn’t look favorable for their relationship.

Savannah and Cole met when he was 19, and she was 23-year-old single mother to a 3-year-old daughter, Everleigh. Cole, who is from Alabama, met her in a mall in California. They started dating in 2016.

Despite the odds stack against them, they not only survived a long distance relationship but also got married to one another on 9 July 2017, exchanging overwhelming vows to each other.

Meeting Cole completely changed her and her daughter’s life; she told in her wedding vows,

"You made me feel beautiful. You made me feel worth. You made Everleigh feel so loved... a life with someone who prays for us daily, loves us endlessly, and makes us feel like the most beautiful girls in the world.

Cole, who had established himself as a father-figure to her daughter, also made a vow to Everleigh as well. He hasn't let her fill the void of her real father. 

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On 9 May 2018, the married couple celebrated their pregnancy; that they were expecting a new member in the family on their YouTube channel.

With the excitement of a new baby, Cole, age 22, and Savannah, age 25, is having the time of their lives.

Cole and Savannah reveal they were having a girl during the baby gender reveal alongside Everleigh on 8 July 2018 (Caption: Cole LaBrant's Instagram)

The pregnant couple along with their already adorable daughter will hopefully make their vlogs even more heartwarming!

Posie Rayne 

Just a couple of days before New Year (2019) the couple were blessed with a little angle which they revealed via Instagram on 1st January. The baby girl was born healthy with 6lb 13 oz in a perfect condition. They named the cutie pie Posie Rayne

It’s for sure that there New Year began with a bang and 2019 must be the best year yet. Since the birth of Posie life seems more complete for LaBrants’ family. The couple has even started an Instagram account which goes by their daughter name Posie Rayne. There you can see the tiniest member of the LaBrant family showcasing her cuteness level to uttermost level.

And if this does not interest you then listen, at such a young age she has been able to garner a fan base of 1 million on her Instagram, Yes! You heard it right. She has a fan base of one million. Now just take a second and think how beautiful and adorable she might be.