American YouTuber Cole LaBrant had all the blessings when it came to his relationship with his star partner. But there’s one more thing he got blessed with just at the age of 21.

Cole LaBrant is best known for his vine content. He gained fame as one of the three members of the vine collaboration channel Dem White Boyz. He’s a known vlogger who often shares glimpses of his personal life through YouTube.

YouTube: Cole giving dating advice and tips about relationships for young couples, their break-ups and relationship goals and expectations (Publish on 24 April 2016)

Cole has a collaborative YouTube channel with his girlfriend, where the couple is often posting videos regarding their daily lives and has over 6 Million subscribers.

Cole LaBrant’s Bio: Early Life & Career

Born on August 21, 1996, Cole was raised in Troy, Alabama along with his sister Lily and brothers Luke, Jack, Clay, and Tate.

Cole worked collaboratively from the beginning of his career as a Vine content creator and is a part of vine channel Dem White Boyz. He competed in the reality game show The Amazing Race 28 alongside his mother in 2015.

The Viner started his own YouTube channel that later changed into a collaborative channel with his wife Cole&Sav in 2012. He has become a successful YouTuber with 6.6 Million and growing subscribers.

What is Cole LeBrant's Net Worth?

Cole has gained a massive amount of support in his career from his fans and his family, which has led to him earning lots and deepening his pockets.

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The internet star has got an estimated net worth of $2.5 Million. This impressive fortune comes from the huge popularity he and his family have grasped over the internet.

Cole Married His Wife, Savannah Soutas In 2017

The pair met each other in 2016, and their story is exciting. They posted a video on YouTube on how they met, and it was NOT through social media.

The first time the couple saw each other was on when Cole was starting new. He sent a direct message to Savannah suggesting that they both share each other’s pages as Savannah had millions of followers.

But Cole, being very new to, didn’t know how to recheck the messages, so he never saw Savannah’s reply. Later when Cole was in California, filming videos with his friend John and brother Luke, he crossed paths with Savannah and her daughter in a mall.

The two were hesitant to interact with each other at first, but after opening up, they eventually formed a special bond.

And then Cole started dating his former girlfriend turned wife in 2016 and officially pronounced their marriage vows on 9 July 2017.

Tied The Knots: Savannah posts a picture with Cole on their wedding on 11 July 2017 (Photo: Savannah’s Instagram)

The most adorable event that Cole shared was before proposing to his partner, he brought out a tiny ring and asked Savannah’s daughter, Everleigh for her permission to be her father.

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Everleigh, having been more than impressed by Cole's fatherly figure, accepted the ring and couldn't be happier. The father-daughter duo shares a perfect bonding with each other which is also evident in his social media.

Cole loves posting pictures and videos with Everleigh, showing off her cuteness to his fans. He can’t help himself from gushing about her and how much he loves her.

Cole And Savannah Welcome A New Member To The Family!

It was on 9 May 2018 that the married couple announced that they were expecting a new member in the family on YouTube.

It’s a Girl: Cole and Savannah finding out that they were having a girl during the baby gender reveal alongside Everleigh on 8 July 2018. (Photo: Cole LaBrant ’s Instagram)

The couple was so emotional while revealing about their upcoming addition on their collaborative YouTube channel, Cole&Sav, that it might have even made some of the viewers’ eyes tear up.  

They even posted a video of Everleigh’s reaction to finding out that she was going to be a big sister, which was cute because she didn’t believe it at first.

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And on 28th of December 2018, Everleigh got to Cole and his wife Savannah announced the birth of their first child together and the pair couldn't be happier and excited about it. Ever since the birth of his daughter, Cole has flooded his Instagram with pictures and posts about his baby girl and her big sister. It seems being a father for the first time has flooded Cole with emotions and excitement well beyond any expectations. 

As of now, Cole along with his wife and kids are enjoying their lives to the fullest. Cole also seems to be enjoying every moment of his marriage with his wife as can be evident through his Instagram posts. On the 20th of January 2019, on the occasion of their second wedding anniversary, Cole posted a loving and heartwarming post on his Instagram where he expressed his joy and amusement of being married to Savannah. Here's to Love!