Conservative political speaker Paris Dennard dared to go through all the blatant comments he received every day because of his political beliefs. The political commentator has hinted on more than one occasions about having a girlfriend, who could be the reason behind his strength to cope with daily flak he recieved.

Paris Dennard is quite known for his work within the Administration of U.S. President George W. Bush and his appearances as a conservative commentator on NPR and CNN.

Age of Presidency Defense: Paris Dennard debates Donald Trump’s revocation of John Brennan’s security clearance with former CIA and FBI official Phil Mudd on CNN (Published on 17 August 2018)

Paris consults on strategic communication, image and brand development, political management, and media training issues as the Director of Strategic Communications for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

Paris Dennard’s Bio: Age, Education & Commentating Career

Born on 18 August 1982, Paris Dennard was raised in Phoenix, Arizona U.S. by his single mother after his parents divorced when he was a child. His two uncles helped his mother to raise him, and they both are successful football players in the family, who played in the NFL and Super Bowl.

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Paris is a graduate of Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix where he served as the chairman of the school rectory. The speaker, aged 36, graduated from Pepperdine University earning a bachelors degree in Public Relations and Political Science and attended the Richard Eamer Scholars Program.

After having spoken at the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, Paris worked for U.S. President George W. Bush between 2005 and 2009. He served as White House Director of Black Outreach and coordinated the meetings and travels of the President and the House of Representatives.

In August 2018, Paris was reportedly fired from his position of events director for the McCain Institute for International Leadership of Arizona State University for supposedly making sexual comments toward women in the network.

While the report states that Paris did not dispute those claims, he denied the allegations saying that it was another politically motivated attempt to ruin his reputation for his support of President Donald Trump. Following the scandal, CNN and WBUR-FM announced that they had suspended Paris from work for further investigation.

Paris Dennard’s Net Worth

While Paris hasn’t revealed his exact net worth to date, his occupations and contributions undoubtedly indicate that he earns a considerable amount of fortune.

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According to sources, the average salary of a CNN correspondent is $163,490, so there’s no doubt that Paris earns more than the amount mentioned above considering his variety of contributions to the network.

Apart from being a political and social commentator, Paris is also a Political & Corporate Communications Strategist, that brings him massive wealth allowing people to safely say that his net worth can be calculated in millions of dollars.

Is Paris Dating? Girlfriend Mentions Fills Twitter

Paris has been in the bad side of so many people, because of the lone fact that he is a Trump supporter and that has resulted in people surprised at the hints he has been giving about his possible romance.

Since 2014, Paris had been dropping hints on his mystery girlfriend taking indirect ways to mention his future wife while sharing posts on Twitter. In July 2017, Paris mentioned about seeing his ex-girlfriend while passing through the metro.

The tweet got several comments claiming that he would never have a girlfriend because of his short-temper and rude attitude.

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It was in May 2018 that Paris directly mentioned his girlfriend on Twitter while sharing a Tweet of Amber Athey asking people if they would date a Trump supporter or a convicted felon. He captioned the post, saying,

Luckily, my girlfriend is another Trump supporter so we don’t have to worry. But leave it to open minded non judging liberals to say they would rather date a convicted felon than someone who wants to #MAGA

Unfortunately, Paris hasn’t revealed the identity of his girlfriend nor has he made any comments about her an as individual.

Paris Believes In Getting Married But Is Not For Gay Marriage

The select few of black political commentators who support President Trump, he gets vilified because of his political allegiance time and again. Receiving vitriol filled messages is a part of his day, whether that be in social media or even during phone-in conversations. 

However, not all of the abuse he receives has been because of his endorsement of Trump but also for his stance on gay marriage. In an interview with Xirius XM's host Clay Cane, he revealed that he was a believer in getting married but not a supporter of gay marriages. 

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He further revealed that marriages were rooted in the sanctity of the Bible and he did not endorse unions that were done in the court. He even had a slight dig for the gay couple looking to get married saying that gay people could not be actual Christians. 

Despite his disbelief in same-sex marriage, he did hint that he wanted to get married in the interview. 

Having already tweeted about having a companion by his side to support him, let’s hope he takes the effort to introduce his wife to the world, once he gets married!