A factotum when it comes to work, Matt O'Donnell has been utilizing his skills and abilities for a very long period of time. Currently working as an anchor/reporter for 6ABC, Matt has spent years honing his skills to reach to the very top.

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The Detroit native has never shied away from a challenge. Regardless of any hurdles along the way, O’Donnell has always given his everything to complete the job at hand. From writing and reporting for the high school newspaper and campus radios, Matt has made his way to the top and from the looks of it, he plans to keep on climbing.

Let Us Know More About Matt O’Donnell; Age, Height & Bio Below

Matt O’Donnell celebrates his birthday on the 31st of May. The exact year of his birth year, however, remains a mystery. Details regarding his height have also not yet been released. So his age and height is only a matter of guess.

Matt despite being a known personality in the journalism sector has kept most of his personal life within the walls of his home. Little to no information about Matt’s personal life is available to the public. It seems he fancies being a private man when it comes to his personal matters.

Matt O’Donnell & His Alliance With 6ABC; With Salary Included Below

From his high school years, Matt has been passionate about writing, reporting, and anchoring. He first began his journalism career with internships at WLYH-TV and WPVI-TV. From then onwards his first professional job saw him land a job as a reporter/news photographer/video editor/ line producer/ Teleprompter Operator/ news tape operator/ script ripper/ copy editor/ studio camera operator/ fill-in anchor and many more for WICZ-TV. All these works were done by one man alone. Matt O'Donnell sure is a workaholic.

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From there on, Matt moved on to WSTM-TV as an anchor. After a few years with WSTM-TV, in 1996 Matt joined 6ABC where he first spent 8 years as a street reporter and later an anchor for the networks show. To this day, Matt has been associated with 6ABC and has made a name for himself through constant dedication and perseverance.

Matt and his years in the journalism business has seen him earn fame and no doubt fortune. When it comes to his salary, the exact figure has not yet been disclosed but as per reports of paysa, the average salary of a 6ABC employee is $78,593. Matt's years in numbers is alone to have gained him a salary that is above average. We fell he could take home a decent chunk of change.

Is Matt Enjoying A Happy Married Life Or Could There Be Trouble?

Matt O’Donnell has always been a private type of person regarding most of his personal life. Especially when it comes to love and family, Matt really never has disclosed much information about that factor of his life.

However, from a number of tweets made by Matt, we can deduce that he is indeed a married man and is enjoying a fruitful married life. But, the details regarding his wife has not yet been disclosed as of yet. Whether or not Matt chooses to reveal the love of his life is a decision based completely on Matt himself.

Messing Around: Reporter Matt O'Donnell makes a joke regarding his wife's concern about their washing machine. (Photo: Matt's Twitter| 6th Jan 2015)

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With having a happy married life and a decent job, what more could one ask for? For Matt, the answer to that question came in the form of his two kids. Yes, that’s right. Matt is also a father to two wonderful kids. And it seems he enjoys spending much of his free time with them as evident through his tweets.