Thanks to his talents, hard work and a little bit of luck (we can't deny that there is a little luck involved as well) CNN veteran reporter Manu Raju reached the height of his life, with both personal and professional success.

Manu is a senior CNN reporter of American nationality and Indian roots, covering Capitol Hill (American Senate) and the campaign politics.

CNN Inside Politics: Manu Raju explains how Hillary Clinton's Stance on Trade Policy might affect Clinton-Sanders race in Michigan (Published on 16 March 2016)

Manu's journalistic works have earned him numerous accolades including the prestigious Merriam-Smith award and Society of Professional Journalist DC chapter, beat reporting first prize.

Manu's Short Bio: Parents and Nationality

In the 1970s two doctors from Karnataka, India, N.K. Raju and Vidya Raju, migrated to Illinois, the United States to work for National Institutes of Health. In 19th February 1980, a son was added to their family, Manu Raju--born in Downers Grove, Illinois.

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Being an Illinois native, Manu is an ardent, and thus suffering, Chicago Cubs fan.

Manu's Career: Specialty in Capitol Hill

The University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate broke into Washington journalistic scene as an associate editor and reporter for Inside Washington Publishers covering federal environmental policy. He was a senior congressional reporter for POLITICO for about seven years before joining CNN in 2015, where he also works as a senior congressional reporter.

As a reporter specializing in congressional and campaign politics, he solely and successfully covered one of the most closely fought congressional races, 2014 Colorado Senate race.

The reporter, aged 38, earns an annual salary of $ 249,000 from his journalistic ventures, with CNN and other institutions, increasing the likelihood of growing his as-of-now-petit net worth of roughly $5000.

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With his graceful writing style, Raju has reported about US Senate, congressional politics, environmental issues, many of which have earned him awards and recognition. It seems that his elegant prose has roots reaching up to his grandfather, Gopalakrishna Adiga, who was a revered poet of Kannada (Canarese) language and is still read in India.

Personal Life: Supporting Wife & Twin Children

Raju’s life at the moment couldn’t be better with a gorgeous wife, Archana Mehta, a principal at marketing firm AM Strategies Inc., and two little packets of joy (twins), living in a lavish home at Northwest D.C. The couple sounded rapturous when they shared the arrival of their children to friends and families with an email saying,

We are overjoyed to announce the arrival of our twins -- Sonya Sushila Raju and Sanjay Mehta Raju. Sonya arrived in the world at 9:33 pm on Friday, Nov. 6 -- only to be joined by her little brother two minutes later. Since they decided to join the fun a tad earlier than expected, they’ll be resting comfortably at the hospital for a little while longer. Both babies and mom are in good health, and we couldn't be happier.

Happy with Wife: The Couple drove to New York for the Sikh Arts and Film Festival (Photo:

The couple has a complementary presence in the twitter, both vocal about politics and each other’s work, sharing the family moments, especially their children's. The way they always support, complement and complete each other, it seems as if they are perfect for each other.

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As Americans of Indian ethnicity and very successful ones at that, the couple has been setting a good example with a happy, tight-knit family, and immense career successes.