Kara Sewell has been honing and showing her journalism skills for more than a decade. Currently working as a daybreak co-anchor for WFFA, Kara shows no compromise when it comes to her work.

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The Houston native delights her viewers with her outgoing, energetic storytelling. She draws the attention of her viewers and makes them want to listen to what she has to say. Her work has seen her be bombarded with heaps of praises from critics and audiences alike.

Here are a few interesting wikis with details about Kara Sewell.

1. Wiki Includes Birthday & Family

Kara Sewell celebrates her birthday on the 23rd of August every year. As for the year of her birth, information remains clouded to the public. So her age could be a difficult thing to work out.

Similarly, not much information is available about her early days before her journalism journey began. However, what we can make out is that Kara maintains a very healthy relationship with her family.

Family Bond: Anchor Kara Sewell shares a picture of her enjoying a car ride with her father. (Photo: Kara's Twitter| 20th April 2018)

Her Twitter posts show her expressing love and gratitude towards her father and her mother, and she can be seen spending quality time with them. When it comes to her height, it seems she stands at around 5’4”.

2. Salary From WFFA

For more than a decade, Kara has immersed herself in the field of journalism. Following her passion, she made her dream come true. A dream that was to work as an anchor for WFAA, where she proudly currently works at as a daybreak co-anchor.

Before her journey towards WFAA, she first started as an anchor/reporter at ICA broadcasting ILTD where she worked for two years starting at 2006. After which she moved to KWCH-TV where she again served as an anchor/reporter.  From then onwards she switched teams and joined Fox19 WXIX where she spent three years and on January on 2018, she got her dream job at WFAA.

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So the question arises. Having an illustrious journalism career, how much does Kara earn from WFAA? The exact amount has not yet been disclosed, but as per reports of Glassdoor, the average salary of a WFAA anchor/reporter is about $161K-176K. Kara is not your average employee. It’s no doubt that she earns a salary that is well above the average number.

3. Married To 'Long-Beared' Husband

It’s no secret that Kara Sewell is married and is enjoying every moment of it. Her Instagram is flooded with pictures of her celebrating good times with her husband. From the looks of it, love is well alive and flourishing between Kara and her husband.

Happy Life: Anchor Kara shares a picture of her with her husband on her Instagram (Photo: Kara's Instagram| 25th November 2018)

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As for the identity of her man, detailed information has not yet been disclosed by Kara herself except for the fact that he goes by the name Nick. Information other than that is just a matter of our imagination. It seems Kara wants to keep her man all to herself.