KGO’s Dion Lim has been dedicated to her relationship with her husband for quite some years now, but since their careers demand an immense amount of time from their lives, people are doubting if they're handling it well enough.

Dion Lim is a TV anchor and reporter who is a part of the ABC7 on KGO-TV News Team in San Francisco. People also know her for anchoring the weekly editions of WTSP 10 News/CBS in Tampa Bay.

Questions Arise: Dion Lim interviews the head of Michelin about the city having more 3-star restaurants than New York City and the first female 3-star chef, Dominique Crenn in San Francisco, California (Photo: Dion Lim’s Instagram | 30 November 2018)

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The anchor has her book, McGraw-Hill set to be released in the fall of 2019.

Dion Lim’s Bio Reveals Her Gravely Path To KGO-TV

The road to journalism started at a young age for Dion when her parents, two immigrants from Taiwan and Hong Kong wanted her to speak proper English. Her parents would sit her in front of the TV to watch ABC’s 20/20, and she quickly picked up on the language, looking up to Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters.

Inexplicable Love: Dion Lim wishes her father on Father’s Day as she posts a picture of herself with her adorable parents on Twitter (Photo: Dion Lim’s Twitter | 18 June 2018)

According to her bio, she soon started out as a student reporter with the help of her mentor from high school, Mr. Lewis who happened to be a news director at a station in Hartford.

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The business eventually brought her to Springfield as a bureau reporter, then Kansas City as a weekday morning anchor and in Charlotte as a primary evening anchor.

And her first day on ABC7’s KGO began with an engineer handing her a huge bag that had her fireproof suit as she stood there thinking what she had gotten herself into. The North Bay fires had broken out, and in an hour, she was in the epicenter of the destruction covering the sad stories of the victims.  

After leaping into the arms of success too many times, Dion is now a reporter who has been voted ‘Best Morning Anchor’ and ‘Best TV Personality’ by several publications in Kansas City. She has even been named top 18 leaders in 34 on TV by Broadcast & Cable Magazine.

Dion Lim’s Career in KGO Brought Her To Her Husband

For Dion, her career was the major part that played out in initiating her relationship with her husband, Evan Panesis. She was snooping through backyards in her husband’s neighborhood while putting together a crime story in the area.

Evan, age 34, started yelling at her to get himself in the interview, and after Dion’s photographer suggested her to speak with him, she was surprised to get a great bite to her story.

Having read the story online, Evan contacted the reporter through her work email address, and Dion wasted no time to ask him out on a date. And it wasn't long before the two hit it off and started their ride of a romantic roller coaster.   

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Replicating Actions: Dion Lim and her husband pose in front of the Unconditional Surrender statue in San Diego during their eight-year anniversary (Photo: Dion Lim’s Instagram | 16 June 2018)

You would imagine that Dion experienced a normal proposal, but that wasn’t the case when her husband got down on one knee in 2009 after they had dated for three long years.

I had already found the ring a few weeks earlier and took it out for a test spin to see how it felt. (-said by Dion Lim on Charlotte Observer | 13 January 2012)

So yeah, the proposal wasn’t an ‘out-of-the-blue’ scenario. But anyway, the pair got engaged and pronounced their wedding vows two years later in Boston in front of 150 friends and families.

And now, after eight years into their married life, the couple is enjoying their time together playing tennis and making frequent visits to The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar in Charlotte.