Food Network's Sunny Anderson never had an easy way in her relationship matters. But she eventually decided to handle things seriously and take matters into her own hand now. 

The American television personality & chef is widely known for hosting Food Network's How'd That Get On My Plate? in July 2008. She also served as a co-host with Marc Istook for Food Network's Gotta Get It.

Currently, she hosts Cooking For Real, where she provides easy homemade recipes for her viewers. She is also known for her famous appearances in popular shows such as Today.

Doughy Magic: Sunny Anderson drops to Today's kitchen to teach Craig Melvin, Dylan, and Sheinelle Jones Dreyer how to cook southern spoon bread March 2018 (Published on 11 Mar 2018)

Her name comes on the list of reputable chefs in the country including well-renowned chef Geoff Tracy. She has also guest starred in the famous talk shows like The View; The Talk; and Good Morning America, in which one of the contemporary reporters include Ron Claiborne and many more.

Sunny Anderson's Bio: Family & Army Father

Her family always encouraged her when it came to her passion with different cuisines.

Sunny Anderson, 43, was born on 9 April 1975, in Lawton, Oklahoma to parents Thomas and Linda Anderson. Her father was an army man - so Sunny could travel around the world living in Germany and other places.

She followed the footsteps of her father joining US Air Force in 1993. She eventually reached the rank of Senior Airman before retiring in 1997. She is a daughter of a Vietnam vet and a  granddaughter of a WWII vet.

Her Radio & Television Career, Cookbook

In her early days, Sunny was a senior airman in the U.S Air Force. Between 1995 to 2001, she worked as a radio personality at KCJZ and KONO-FM in San Antonio, WYLD-FM and KUMX in Louisiana, WJWZ in Alabama, and WDTJ in Michigan.

Later, at the age of 26, she started working as a radio personality for HOT 97 in 2001 (till 2004).

However,  her television career started in 2005 after she appeared as a guest on Emeril Live show. Afterward, she served as a co-host in the Food Network show, Gotta Get It, in 2007. Later in 2008, she started hosting How'd That Get On My Plate?; and Cooking for Real.

Anderson also published New York Times bestselling cookbook Sunny's Kitchen: Easy Food For Real Life in 2013. The following year she became a co-host on The Kitchen.

She attended Madison High School and later graduated from the Loyola University.

Sunny Anderson's Net Worth

With her involvement in radio, tv and book writing, Sunny, as of now, enjoys the splendid net worth of over $5 million. With her career hitting the newer heights, her net worth is sure to soar to a much higher mark.

Anderson has enjoyed a meteoric rise in her life, from a soldier to a well-known TV host. The rise has been reflected in her earnings also, as her net worth has soared during the period.

Does Sunny Anderson Has Boyfriend Or Is She Married?

As of September 2018, Sunny has remained mum on her relationship status, but in the past, she has been through 'off & on gain dating.' Back in September 2017, she had announced to the world that she was 'cool w being singe" at the age of 42.

It looks like the TV host remains open for a suitable husband to start a family, but she is unlikely to settle for the sake of it.

She is someone who has tweeted about 'dating more than one person,' and also about poor dating experiences especially about fame-hungry individuals, plus she also has a rigid standard when it comes to dating. 

When it comes to her love life, it has been no less than a rollercoaster ride. She has been linked with different personalities until now, but she has confused everyone with her statements over the years regarding her dating life.

Here we present you with a few lesser known facts about her dating life.  

1. 2009 Interview In Which She Was Hush-Hush Regarding Her Loving Boyfriend

In an interview with back in 2009, she revealed that she was in a relationship; however, she didn't disclose her boyfriend's identity. The ultimate foodie explained that she loved to hang out at her home with her boyfriend. When asked who was the favorite person she loved to cook, she answered 'boyfriend.' justifying her answer, she explained that it was always fun to cook for her loved one.

However, no information about the 'boyfriend' was revealed to the media. 

2. The Time When She Called Chef Aaron Sanchez Her 'Play Boyfriend'

Sunny was rumored to be dating Chef Aaron Sanchez in 2013 after his divorce with ex-wife singer Ife Mora. But, Sunny soon took to Twitter to disprove the claims and labeled Aaron as her 'play boyfriend.'

Aaron is a famous celebrity chef who functions as the executive chef and part-owner of Mexican restaurant Johnny Sánchez located in  Baltimore, New Orleans, and Louisiana. 

3. When She Revealed About Two 'Serious Boyfriends'

Replying to a comment on one of her 2016's Twitter post that had made fun of overly serious relationships, Sunny hinted towards being single when she wrote about her parents knowing about her dating priorities with no goals. She further revealed that her parents met a guy that year who they shouldn't just assume as the one, as they had only met two serious boyfriends of her till then.

Casual Dating: Sunny Anderson asks parents to 'keep it light' prior to introducing her boyfriend in 2016 (Photo: Sunny Anderson's Twitter)

It's perhaps better not to rush in a relationship for the sake of others.

4. Finally With Her Boyfriend In 'Home" In 2017, But There's A Twist

In January 2017, Sunny shared a post which stated that she was in a relationship and was home with her boyfriend in Columbo. Despite not disclosing the identity of the boyfriend, the tweet was enough to set the fans heart racing.

Home Sweet Home: Sunny Anderson talks about her potential boyfriend on Twitter on 20 January 2017. (Photo: Sunny's Twitter)

However, three months after the tweet about the boyfriend, she posted another tweet hinting at her differences with her boyfriend. She tweeted about never easy dating a cheater providing subtle hints at the problems in her relationship.

The tweet proved to be disheartening for the fans of the host as they genuinely believed that the star was going to get married and enjoy her life with a husband -like her father and mother who have been married for more than 40 years. The famous chef did say in a tweet in 2016 that her long-time married father and mother had been there for her in rough times.

With that, we can conclude that Sunny can be hopeful in relationship after-all like her father and mother did with their relationship.

 5. Reflection On Her High School Dating

The Celebrity chef has recently been buzzing in the market for her tweet she posted on 17 September 2018.  Well, it isn’t just an ordinary tweet but a pointer about her early dating life.

Sunny showed her distaste towards her high school date, whoever he be, by nagging him as a MONSTER. She updated on her post and sarcastically wrote about popping up of a recent mugshot while googling her MONSTER.

Giving Clues: Sunny Anderson hints about her bad high school dating experience on her Twitter post.-17 Sep 2018. (Photo: Sunny Anderson's Twitter)

If whoever she dated back in time has come upon a mugshot, then we might as well agree with her opinion on that MONSTER thing and speculate that her high school relationship was pretty bad if not the worst.

Her straightforward clue is a reflection on her long demised high school romance. Only she can confirm if she meant otherwise. 

Quick Facts About Cooking Queen Sunny Anderson:

1. Sunny got her big break on television world after appearing as a guest on the show Emeril Live in 2005.

2. Apart from being a brilliant cook, Sunny is also an amazing boxer.

3. Also a pet lover, she has four rescue cats naming: Cheddar Cheese, Truffle Tycoon, Milky Mouth and Sea Salt.

4. She is also a music lover. As she quotes, Music is my life. Without it I am nothing

5. Her favorite place to travel for food is New Orleans.