Stunning good looks and outraging personality have made Alanna Sarabia a fan favorite in the world of reporting and journalism. Currently working as a reporter for WFFA, Sarabia has not just journalism to her name but also boasts about her works as an NBA dancer and more notable her achievement of being crowned Miss San Antonio in the year 2009.

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The Texas native along with her works in journalism is also an avid traveler and a dancer. As a former NBA dancer, she still maintains a healthy balance between work and hobby. Along with that, she also plays the piano and often boasts about her love for music. All that put aside, Alanna feels her biggest passion is her love towards animals and animal welfare. She can be seen voicing her opinion regarding animal care and treatment.

How Old Is Alanna Sarabia? Bio Below Includes Age, Birthday, Height & More

Alanna Sarabia celebrates her birthday on the 29th of December. However, the exact year of her birth has not yet been disclosed. She was born and raised in Grand Prairie, North Texas. Thus holds American nationality. But as for her ethnicity, it seems to be a matter of guess at this point.

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Likewise, she has not disclosed information about her height, so we can only make assumptions as to how tall she stands. Taking a look at her pictures, she seems to stand an average height for a woman. When it comes to family, Alanna has always been vocal in showing her full undivided love and compassion towards her parents.

Is Alanna Sarabia Married With Husband Or Are They Just Rumors?

For someone like Alanna Sarabia, it would seem having a boyfriend would be of no hassle. Her staggering good looks and her on-screen persona are sure to turn the heads of many single men out there.

But for Alanna, her prince charming came in the form of her current boyfriend whose name she has chosen to keep private. She has however revealed that he is a police officer by occupation. But she has not been shy in showing her love and affection towards her beau as evident through her Instagram posts which show her enjoying wonderful moments and get away with her man.

Happy Together: Reporter Alanna Sarabia shares a montage of good times spent with her beau. (Photo: Alanna's Instagram| January 2, 2017)

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Having shown the world her man, a question still lingered amongst her fans and followers. Whether she is just in a relationship or is she engaged and soon to be married has had us all scratching our heads. As of now, from the looks of it, Alanna is currently just in a relationship and is neither married nor engaged. Whether or not she plans on changing her status from In a relationship to Engaged/Married is something us fans will have to wait for. Hope for the best.