Brian Firkus's drag persona Trixie Mattel dominates the drag world with her inevitable success as a comedian, author, and singer-songwriter.

While her professional achievements narrate a story of perseverance and dedication, her personal life sings songs of forgiveness and self-acceptance. 

Trixie Mattel Suffered Abuse in Childhood

Right from birth on August 23, 1989, Mattel differed from her older brother Dan. She had a feminine front despite having a male body, and loved playing with Barbie dolls.

Her uniqueness conspicuously bothered her homophobic stepfather. He punished her every time she acted feminine and trolled her with the name 'Trixie,' the moniker she later adopted as the identity of her drag persona.

His verbal rants often became physical, and for the worse, he once pointed a gun towards young Mattel. Sadly, her mother never interfered. She was there, but never there

In the wake of domestic abuse, social services took Mattel away from home.

Despite all the differences, Mattel of native American roots forgave her now-deceased stepfather and her mother. She put her appalling past right where it belonged — in the past — and moved on with positivity. 

In an interview with Observer in May 2019, the Milwaukee native shared she wanted people to think she was born at 18. She stressed she didn't identify with the issues that happened before then. 

The 31-year-old also explained she didn't want gay people to play the victim card. 

Trixie Mattle Shares a Lovely Relationship with Mom

Mattel holds no grudge against her mother. In fact, they have a loving relationship. The makeup mogul reflected on their rapport while talking to Queerty in 2019.

She disclosed they were in a place where they could share their problems. Revealing how they often talk about the harrowing past, the drag queen reiterated she had forgiven her mother. 

My mom and I have conversations about [Trixie’s abusive childhood]. I’m not a grudge holder. I’m not mad. She’s not mad.

Mattel featured her mother in her eponymous YouTube channel on December 23, 2019, and gave her mom a drag makeover. The video chronicled the mother giving away tidbits of Mattel's childhood before getting wooed by her son's makeup skills. 

She Introduced Her Sister through YouTube

Mattel introduced her younger sister Samantha Ann Zlomaniec via a YouTube video on June 2, 2021. At the time of the video recording, Zlomaniec was six months pregnant with her first child. 

The video featured the chummy brother-sister duo applying their makeups while recalling their childhood memories.

Makeup was the glue that bound the duo from childhood and made them unique from their other siblings — brother Dan and sister Desiree.

Since her high school days, the 22-year-old was into makeup, just like her brother who made a career out of his make-up skills.

Long before making it big as a drag queen, Mattel worked for a makeup company. But when the organization fired her, a devastated Mattel finally got enough time to think about his life and embrace his femininity. 

She participated in the seventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and landed the sixth position in the competition. Finally, he won season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars in 2018.