Like her previous works, Brian Firkus aka Trixie Mattel’s upcoming Grown Up tour is heavily inspired by her relationship status.

Unlike Ages 3 and Up and Moving Parts, this one is based on her three-year-long relationship with her boyfriend, David Silver.

In an exclusive with Entertainment Tonight, the fan-favorite drag queen got candid about her upcoming tour. 

Trixie Is 'Officially Grown Up'

In the 2019 interview, the reality star announced she had just turned thirty a couple of months ago, and it was at that point she realized she had “officially grown up.”

Now that her childhood was officially over and she had stepped into adulthood, she wanted to express the transition via her set. 

... if drag has taught me anything, [it’s that] adults just want to feel like kids. That’s why adults go to drag shows... I guess I like a show where we can make the audience feel like kids, but also address their adulthood fears.

But more than that, the comic wanted material for her new tour to come from the three years she spent with Silver. This is definitely not the first time her romantic endeavors, or a lack there-of have been the source material for her shows.

For instance, Ages 3 and Up featured a healthy segment about her break-up while the Moving Parts was drawn from a place of singlehood. However, the multi-faceted drag queen promised that the upcoming show was from a different world. 

Silver ‘Hates’ Being Put In The Shows

Mattel's relationship with Silver is the longest one she has ever been in, so it is understandable and expected that it has inspired her creative expressions. On his part though, Silver would rather not be put in the show. 

Mattel explained how Silver detests it when she jokes on the intimate stuff onstage, especially with his mother in the audience. 

...and I’m like, ‘Does she think we are gay so we can share clothes?’

‘Grown Up’ Was Supposed To Have A 2020 Tour

All that being said, Trixie had originally planned the Grown Up tour for 2020, but it had to be rescheduled. In an interview with PopMattersshe confessed that moving the dates and the overall lockdown scene made her sad. 

But she refused to sit there and moan about it! Instead, Mattel decided to focus on the things she could get done from her condo.