Music is something very mysterious. Today, in 2018, we know about the mysteries of music as much as the first humans who lived in caves and were entranced by the singings of the birds. We can only experience it and observe the purpose it serves for ourselves. For American vocal artist, Casey Breves, music served not only as his passion but also as a divine rope that bound his soul to his soul-mate.

The New York native first rose to fame as a part of the vocal group, Chanticleer, but more importantly, he is famous through his eponymous YouTube Channel, where he uploads the covers of various popular songs, and some of his own songs as well.

Dollhouse Music Video: Watch the music video of Casey's new song, Real Estate, and listen to his alluring voice (Published on 20 July 2018)

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Today, read some interesting facts and lesser-known wikis about Casey Breves, including his early bio, age, boyfriend, songs and net worth.

1. Casey Breves Wiki-Like Bio: Was Bright Since Early Age

Born on 14 May 1984 in the New York City, Casey was raised in the big apple as well. There isn’t much information about his parents or family background.

Similarly, information about his early life and educational background is also undisclosed, except that he graduated from Yale University. So, we can at least infer that he was really bright as a student.

2. Casey's Wide-Ranging Music Career: From Covers In YouTube To Opera Productions

Casey started his path in the limelight as a member of Chanticleer, a Grammy award-winning vocal group. After spending three years as the part of the ensemble, from 2010 to 2013 (says the wikis), Casey left the group and started his solo career.

As a solo music artist, Casey has appeared in the opera productions like Claudio Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo, and also runs an eponymous YouTube Channel with over 77 thousand subscribers.

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3. Casey Came Out As Gay With His Boyfriend Two Days Before Their Wedding

Casey, then aged 32, and his boyfriend, Sam Tsui, got married on the April of 2016, but the interesting thing was, it was only two days before the wedding that two of them came out as gay publicly.  While people close to them must have known from the very beginning, the common public got the news about them being gay and the news of their wedding together.

Valentines: Casey and his boyfriend, Sam Tsui, celebrate their second Valentine's Day as a married couple (photo: Casey's Instagram)

The reason behind the secrecy, as Sam said himself, was that he didn't think it necessary to discuss his personal life. And as a musician, he wanted his music to speak, and his personal life had nothing to do with the music.

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4. Casey & Sam Tsui Met In College; Music Brought Them Together

Rewinding a little, Casey and his boyfriend met in college (they both went to Yale) and it was again music that brought them together; they both were part of one of Yale’s acapella group. They connected instantly and soon got together as boyfriends.

Although both are gifted musicians, Sam has become more successful; today, Sam Tsui is a YouTube sensation, who owns, according to the wikis, a massive net worth of $ 1 million.

But that hasn’t hindered the gay couple’s romance. In fact, they had a very romantic story about their wedding proposal. Apparently, Casey tracked down the flat where they first kissed as college students, but which, at the time of proposal, belong to someone else, and he requested the owners to let him use that apartment. The owners did let, and the rest, as they say, is history.

All this happened because of music and both Casey and Sam's passion for it.