American social media icon, Lizzy Wurst and her boyfriend were the power couple of social media, both still in their early twenties and already earning in tens of thousands of dollars, a feat people couldn't achieve after the lifetime of their struggles.

The American-native first gained popularity through Vine, a short video hosting service, and then later through her eponymous YouTube channel.

Lizzy Wurst Youtube: Lizzy shares short funny videos regarding her daily life on YouTube (published on 29 October 2018)

She has 1.3 million subscribers in YouTube and over 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

Lizzy Wanted To Be FBI Agent At Young Age

Born on 22 July 1998, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Wurst had a keen love for dancing and singing; she even took the ballet classes. As a child, however, Lizzy wanted to be an FBI agent, and in one of her videos of her YouTube channel, she revealed that she would have pursued that career had she not been into social media.

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Not much is known about 19-aged Lizzy’s mom or dad and life before she rose to fame as a social media icon.

Social Media Has Earned Lizzy Hefty Net Worth At Age 20

In 2016 when Lizzy was 18, she started her YouTube channel that propelled her into fame. She shares various day to day activities on her channel, including pranks, funny videos, makeup tips and many more. Her contents are truly great and if you want to be familiarised with her, here are some contact details--not phone number though.

From her YouTube channel only, Lizzy earns the annual income as high as $ 65 thousand, piling up her net worth—and all that achieved only at the age of 20.

In Spite Of Net Worth Earned As YouTuber Lizzy Wants To Become Singer Someday

While YouTube might be earning Lizzy quite some net worth but one day she wants to pursue a career in singing. Singing and dancing have been Lizzy’s passion since her childhood, and one day she wants to transform that passion into a career.

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But she does not know when she will start. Maybe someday she will just wake up with the lark and sing with the birds and that day will be the day she starts her path.

Lizzy's Boyfriend, Also YouTuber, Has Even Larger Net Worth; How They Met?

It is really a plus point that Lizzy’s boyfriend, Lance Stewart, is also a YouTuber, and incredibly popular as well, more so than Lizzy. Lance has over 4.7 million subscribers in his YouTube channel, which makes his yearly earning go as high as $ 1.7 million.

Lizzy and Lance went to high school together, and they started to forge a friendship at that time. Initially, the relationship was a little awkward and only limited to talking, but soon it gained pace, and they were enamored with each other. Since then, they haven't looked back.

Happy Anniversary: Social media couple, Lizzy and Lance, have been together for five years since high school (photo: Lizzy's Instagram)

This May, the YouTuber couple celebrated their 5th anniversary.

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The couple is not only strong together, but they have also started to make their living at an early age, and way more than that. Lizzy and Lance are becoming ideal celebrity couple each passing day.