American actor Andrew Rannells didn't profess the ordinary 'coming out' stories like most gay men. That experience helped him in the long haul--which has seen the star blossom in a long-term relationship with his boyfriend!

The Omaha, Nebraska-native is a Tony-nominated actor for his performance as Elder Price in musical, The Book of Mormon. From his role as Price, he won the 2012 Grammy Award Best Musical Theater Album (2012). Apart from that, the gay actor is well-adored on the sitcom, Girls (2012-2017).

Most recently, he alongside a star-studded line of talented actors such as Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer, and co., performed in the gay-revolved play, The boys in The Band. The stars commiserated the plays 50th anniversary in 2018.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: Andrew Rannells and fellow gay co-star Jim Parsons talk about interesting things they do, on and off the stage (Published on 10 July 2018)

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As of September 2018, Rannells has been announced to return as a guest actor on the ninth season of Animated sitcom, Bob's Burgers. 

Andrew Rannells' Short Bio (Age): Family, Acting, Height, Ethnicity

Born on 23 August 1978 in Omaha, Nebraska, as Andrew Scott Rannells, to parents, Charlotte and Ronald Rannells, Andrew, age 40, is the fourth of five siblings, with three sisters and an older brother. His family lived in the Hanscom Park, Omaha.

He attended Our Lady of Lourdes grade school and then an all-boys Roman Catholic school named Creighton Preparatory School in Omaha.

As a child fond of acting, he enrolled at the Emmy Gifford Children's Theater; he performed at the Dundee Dinner Theatre, the Omaha Community Playhouse and the Firehouse Dinner Theatre. At the age of 11, Rannells performed his first play.

After high school, Rannells moved to New York City in 1997, studying theater at Marymount Manhattan College for two years before starting to audition full-time and landing roles; he landed a role as a voice actor on children's television programs and video games.

According to his bio, he stands at a towering height of 6 feet and 1 inch (1.85m). He possessed a mixed ethnicity, derived from a Polish mother, and a father of Irish, German, and English ancestry.

Andrew Rannells' Recipe Into Playing Gay Role: Responsibility, Story & Awareness

Majority of the stories about the gay community ‘coming out’ involves around how they live their lives in terror and hide their true selves from everyone in their lives. And finally, when they open up about being gay, almost everyone feels a sense of freedom.

Some stories are inspiring while the others are tormenting to listen; realizing how the vast majority of gay men in their lives contemplated suicide. Here we have a ‘rare’ optimistic coming out story that represents a minority of gay men, no matter what age:

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Andrew realized that he was gay when he was in high school. At the age of 18, he came out as gay to his family and loved ones. However, by that point, ‘nobody in his family was surprised.’

Growing up as a gay man, he never had to closet himself from anyone because he was provided with a healthy environment to embrace himself. And he wanted to be able to help create such an environment for other young guys out there.  

Along the road, Randall has portrayed many gay characters in several shows. On HBO’s comedy-drama, Girls, he played a gay ex-boyfriend, Elijah Krantz, to the lead role, Hannah (played by Lena Dunham).

 In a 2012 Vulture interview, when he was asked whether he portrayed a gay character with more enthusiasm, he told,

Well, there’s a part of me that would say I treat every character in the same way — to be as honest as possible with every role. But then, as a gay man, I think there’s a responsibility to show a fully realized person, so even though Elijah might not be the best person in the world, I want to make him as fully fleshed out and human as possible. Because chances are he’s gonna represent somebody who’s a real person.

In the same interview, he told how he felt when he was given a larger platform to tell the story of gay men, because of his new sitcom, New Normal; Its storyline explored about a wealthy gay couple who decide to start a family of their own through a surrogate mother. He said,

With The New Normal, I feel even a larger responsibility because it’s sort of a new idea for a lot of viewers and Americans, to see Justin Bartha and I play this very much in love couple who just wants to have a baby. We’re telling that story for the first time, in a way, for a lot of people, so I think there’s a lot of responsibility there.

However, he was shocked when his show, The New Normal was boycotted before its premiere in 2012.

A year later, he sat down with Vulture in January 2013 and explained that he was ‘struck by reality’ after realizing that there were still anti-LGBT communities who didn’t approve the idea of ‘gay fiction,’ let alone a gay reality.

Even though I’m from the Midwest, the majority of my life has been spent on the coasts where being gay wasn’t really much of a conversation. So that was a big smack of reality. Oh yeah, I guess this is a thing for a lot of people.

Unfortunately, the hiatus played a significant role when New Normal ultimately got canned in May 2013. 

Although his journey with that particular show was ended due to an 'ignorant' sets of minds, he continued his ventures to represent the LGBT community to the best of his ability so that someone out doesn't feel alone and has someone to look up to; that someone out there truly understand what it's like to be gay. 

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Meet Andrew Randall’s Longtime Boyfriend, Mike Doyle!

Finding true love is a difficult ask no matter what sexuality you possess. But it’s harder for the LGBT community as the modern age is still adapting to the idea of same-sex marriage.

There are places where the LGBT community has been not just welcomed but also evolved into normality. Unfortunately, there are places where societies are still ignorant.

Well, for the Tony-nominated actor, Andrew, it’s been a ‘rainbow and sunshine’ kind of story.

Andrew has been in an extended relationship with his boyfriend and fellow actor, Mike Doyle--who is well known as Ryan O’Halloran on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The pair started dating in 2011 and have been together ever since.

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Randall and Doyle are not only setting high bars for gay couples; they’re a rare almost perfect kind of couple: Showing up in style in red carpet events together and being an understanding and a mature boyfriend duo, the pair doesn’t fall behind any couple. Even their dressing style is quite amazing.

Just Look At Them: Andrew Rannels flaunts alongside his handsome boyfriend, Mike Doyle on 2015 VC Polo Classic event (Photo: Andrew Rannells' Instagram) 

They’re loyal to each other, and the fact remains that his boyfriend, Mike - wasn’t jealous that he got to kiss Matt Bomer - is a huge indication of their relationship!

Jokes aside, the 40-year-old actor currently shares a home with his boyfriend as well. It’s high time now that the pair to announce their engagement-- or even a surprise wedding soon.

 Well, maybe, that’s just asking too much from them right now!