Making all the curious paranormal fans out there gay with his investigative projects on ghosts --  Adam Berry is an American Paranormal investigator, actor, and cabaret singer.

Winner of the Sydy’s competitive reality series Ghost Hunters Academy; he is most preferably known for TLC’s paranormal show Kindred Spirits.

Besides his paranormal adventures, he is also involved in music and theatres. He is the executive director of Peregrine Theatre Ensemble. A real state agent as well, he sells haunted houses to the thrill seekers out there.

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To know more about Adam Berry and his distinctive interest in the spooky world of paranormal-- let’s delve into his wiki-like bio further ahead:

1. Adam Berry Wiki-Bio: Witnessed Ghostly Encounters As Child

The Muscle Shoals, Alabama native was born on 9 March 1983. He later moved to Boston, Massachusetts for college; where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from the Boston Conservatory. 

The musical genius soon had his interest shifted into paranormal when he was witnessed by a haunting supernatural experience at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in 2006. He saw huge white figures in a field and heard sounds of loud gunshots and people yelling.

He had ghostly encounters as a child as well but experiencing the same thing as an adult turned his interest into a passion.

When he was a child, he saw a paranormal being in the form of a ghost dog haunting his home. He heard the harrowing sound of the dog scratching against the wall.

2. Passion To Profession: Adam Berry’s Journey To Spooky World Of Paranormal

He started off his journey into the spine-tingling world of paranormal by founding the Province town Paranormal Research Society (PPRS).

His passion soon blessed him in 2010 with an opportunity to put his investigative skills on test for Sydy’s competitive reality series Ghost Hunters Academy. He won the series and got to be a member of The Atlantic Paranormal Society team as the prize for his win.

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Kindred Spirits: Adam Berry shares a picture with his co-stars of the paranormal show (Photo: Adam Berry's Instagram| 22 December 2018)

In 2016, Adam became part of the TLC series Kindred Spirits where he was the executive producer of the show. He co-starred in Kindred Spirits with Amy Bruni; a paranormal powerhouse as him. Both the Kindred Spirits co-stars; who are determined to help families,  have uncanny power of connecting with spirits in the afterlife.

3. Adam Berry’s Net Worth Reveal

For his involvement in many areas of arts; a host of a paranormal show, cabaret singer, executive director of a theatre company, and a real estate agent -- he definitely earns a handsome amount of salary and holds a decent net worth.

As a host and executive producer of the TLC show Kindred Spirits he is estimated to earn an average salary of $39,229.

4. Meet Openly Gay Adam Berry’s Adorable Husband

A proud and openly gay man for over more than a decade, Adam Berry’s rainbow in the dark world of paranormal is his husband, Ben Griessmeyer.

He is happily married to his husband Ben since 2012. In fact, they’re not only partners in love but partners in work as well; his husband Ben is an artistic director at Peregrine Theatre Ensemble.

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Even in those times, decades ago when being gay was stigmatized as a crime, the couple openly embraced each other. The adorable couple started dating since 2006 and since then have been together towards forever.

Gay Couple: Adam Berry celebrates twelve years of his first meet with husband Ben (Photo: Adam Berry's Instagram| 2018)

Having been married for six years and definitely more to go; there haven’t once been any divorce rumors between the two. In fact, looking at their chemistry and pictures on the social media it looks like, forever is an epitome of their relationship.