For American paranormal psychologist, Amy Allan, her love life was very normal. She found someone she loved, spent 12 years with him as husband and wife, when things didn't work out, got divorced with him, got over him, found another man and made him her husband. Contrast to so many happenings, things were never complicated.

The Colorado-native is famous for her role as a paranormal investigator and physical medium (people who can talk to spirits) in Travel Channel's show, The Dead Files.

Here we present to you amazing wikis and about one of America's most popular paranormal investigator, including her bio, age, birthday, height, and details about her married life, husband, and previous divorces.

1. Amy Allan Wiki-Like Bio: Interested In Paranormal Because Of Her Experience At Four Years Of Age

Born on 31 May 1973, in the mountainous state of Colorado, Amy Allan was supposedly tormented by “shadow people” at the age of four which piqued her interest in paranormal activities and psychology.

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Amy later went on to earn her bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Arizona and was trained by world-renowned paranormal psychologist Dr. William Roll. To connect her with paranormal, Amy claims she has abilities of a medium, which have been examined by the world’s famous parapsychologists.

2. Amy Reached The Height Of Her Career As Paranormal Investigator With The Dead Files

Using her abilities of a medium, Amy has worked with police agencies and private investigators to conduct investigations for people as well as business companies.

The thing that brought her to the public’s eyes, however, was Travel Channel’s paranormal TV series, The Dead Files, where Amy partners with NYPD homicide detective, Steve Di Schiavi to investigate the reportedly haunted places. The series ran for 10 seasons and 180 episodes and provided numerous evidence of paranormal activities.

3. Amy Met Her Future Husband On The Set Of The Dead Files

It is not only the paranormal that Amy is in love with. In 2011, when The Dead Files was about to start, Rob Traegler, a television and film director, came to work in the show. Although the Amy and Rob did not start dating right away, when they did start they did not stop.

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After dating for six years, Rob officially became Amy's husband on 31 October 2018, the wiki says.

Wedding Snap: Amy Allan and her husband, Rob Traegler, during their wedding ceremony on 31 October (photo: Amy's Twitter)

As a celebration of the commencement of their married life, the celebrity couple went on a week-long honeymoon.

4. Amy Once Worked With Her Ex-Husband Despite Not On Talking Terms Since Divorce

Before Rob, however, there was Matt in Amy’s life. Matt was her husband for 12 years but things didn’t work out between them for some reasons and they got divorced. Although Amy never talked to her ex-husband after the divorce, she did come together with him once for the shooting of one of the shows she was working on.

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Amy's motto in life seems to be simple: keep it uncomplicated. As long as she was happy with Matt, she was with Matt. As soon as she thought she couldn't be with him, she not only divorced him but cut all the ties. Then she found someone else, Rob, to be with, and remained with him for years.

It is one of the uncomplicated handlings that has made Amy's personal life so successful and happy.