American paranormal investigator Katrina Weidman, who initially rose to public notice for her work with the Paranormal Research Society, is a happily married woman.

She has been married since December 2019, making her a married woman for over a year now.

Marking the occasion of her first wedding anniversary, the Paranormal State star took to Instagram on December 31, 2020, to post her wedding picture and share her experiences of marriage, especially how it felt like during the pandemic period.

Katrina Weidman shared her wedding picture with her husband on their first wedding anniversary.

Katrina Weidman shared her wedding picture with her husband on their first wedding anniversary. (Photo: Instagram)

“I don't know if you guys know this, but each month in a pandemic during your first year of marriage is equal to 47 regular years,” she captioned her post.

The television personality also congratulated herself and her husband on their one year of togetherness as husband and wife, and jokingly wrote, “Happy 564th wedding anniversary to the only one I'd ever want to spend quarantine with…”

“AHHHH...So happy for you both even though I already knew! Sending you both love,” Evelyn Photography commented in the post.

Another added, “Oh, and congratulations, stay safe and well.”

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And even though she isn’t necessarily secretive about her partner, Katrina has yet to reveal his identity. She had been mentioning her husband - since he was her boyfriend - in her tweets and Instagram captions over the years.

Katrina posted a picture with her husband on Instagram on August 7, 2018. (Photo: Katrina Weidman’s Instagram)

Previously, on May 4, 2018, the paranormal investigator had dropped the picture of her engagement ring on Instagram, writing, “May 4th will always be such a special day.”

Weidman Is Blessed with Supportive Family

Not everyone has the family’s back when choosing a career path that isn’t widely appreciated. But, Weidman had more than enough support and love from her family regarding her work and career as a paranormal investigator.

Even though she hasn’t revealed her family member’s identity, she did share a picture of her late grandmother on her birthday.

Katrina Weidman posts a picture of her late grandmother with a heartfelt caption on Instagram on December 11, 2016.

Katrina Weidman posted a picture of her late grandmother with a heartfelt caption on Instagram on December 11, 2016. (Katrina Weidman’s Instagram)

Weidman is very hesitant when it comes to revealing anything about her family, much like her love life. But she doesn’t fail to mention the support she gets from her family regarding her career.

In a wide-ranging talk with AfterBuzz TV's Spotlight On, she explained her family’s opinion on her work, saying:

"My mom’s side of the family has always had experiences so they weren’t shocked. My dad is happy as long as I am happy and can pay my student loans!"

Who is Katrina Weidman? Her Age and Career

Born on March 2, 1983, Weidman was raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, along with her siblings. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University with degrees in Integrative Arts and Theatre and a minor in music technology.

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Growing up in a haunted house, she carried a passion for the supernatural from a young age. Therefore, she started working as a case manager for the Paranormal Research Society in 2006.   

The ghostbuster had the opportunity to become a co-host on Paranormal State in 2007, which later led her to serve as the host for Chiller’s Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies.

Weidman has also worked on the project, Paranormal Lockdown, with paranormal investigator Nick Groff. The show followed the two as they investigate haunted locations for straight 72 hours.