Space adventure series Lost In Space features an adventurous space trip of few human space colonists (focusing on Robinson family). The space adventurers are in search of a favorable living world, unlike the contaminated earth. 

The actors playing the whip-smart Robinsons include Maxwell Jenkins, Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Taylor Russell, and Mina Sundwall. Among them, Taylor Russell is one such actor who looked very familiar throughout the two seasons of Lost In Space.

Here’s what we know about the talented and ravishing actress career and childhood.

Taylor Russell is a Canadian Actress

Taylor Russell was born as Taylor Russell McKenzie in Vancouver, Canada, to a black father and a white mother. The actress was initially brought up in her birthplace in Vancouver, and in Toronto later on.


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The 26-years-old started her acting career with the portrayal of recurring cast named Jessica in The CW’s medical drama TV series Emily Owens, M.D in 2012 at the age of 18.

In the successive years, the Canadian native appeared in several other movies and TV shows, such as If I Had Wings, The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, Pants on Fire, Strange Empire, Falling Skies, Escape Room, Lost In Space, and Waves among others.

Russell found her breakthrough role when she was cast as Judy Robinson in the Netflix series Lost In Space. The role of Judy truly defined her acting potential and made her well-known to many.

Russell Plays Judy Robinson in ‘Lost In Space’

Taylor Russell portrays the role of the eldest daughter of Robinson family, Judy Robinson, in the Netflix space sci-fi series Lost In Space.

Judy is raised by her biological mother, Maureen Robinson, and adoptive father, John Robinson. Her biological father, Grant Kelly, is believed to have died in a space accident before Judy was born.


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In the first season’s narrative, Judy aids as a medical doctor to all the space colonists—including her own Robinson family—when their spaceships crash into an unknown alien planet.

And by the end of season two, the eldest Robinson daughter is trusted to fly the spaceship filled with colonist’s kids towards a promising undiscovered new land called Alpha Centauri.

In the upcoming third and final season of Lost In Space, it would be interesting to watch what the story, and more especially Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson, has to offer. The final season is expected to release in 2021.


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Judy Robinson Nature

As a whole, Judy is a very brave-hearted girl who dares to do anything to protect her family from any sort of troubles. Also, she is quick to adapt to tough situations and has proven skills in the scientific and medical field.

Where Can We See Her Next? Taylor Russell Upcoming Shows & Movies

In addition to Lost In Space Season 3, Taylor Russell has a few projects in the pipeline. 

The Lost In Space famed actress will be appearing as Maya in the movie named Words on Bathroom Walls. The movie’s initial release date was July 31, 2020. But due to the ongoing pandemic, the movie release has been postponed until further notice by creators.

Similarly, she is making a return in the role of Zoey Davis in the sequel of 2019’s movie Escape Room. The sequel is titled Escape Room 2 and scheduled to release on December 30, 2020.


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