Tal Fishman and his brother Adi Fishman are both popular YouTube stars. They are regularly seen together in crossover videos and are well-known brothers.

But did you know that Tal and Adi have a third sibling? The siblings have a sister named Shani Fishman. If this fact is news to you, then you are not alone. Tal and Adi were pretty secretive about her until just last year. In this article, we learn why the Fishman brothers hid the identity of Shani.

Tal Fishman’s Brother Adi Fishman is a Famous Content Creator Too

Adi Fishman is a YouTube star much like his brother Tal. His channel has about 2 million subscribers (as of November 5, 2020); not as much as Tal's Reaction Time (15.3 million subscribers) obviously, but still a huge number. Alongside that, Adi is also famous on Tiktok with over 1.7 million followers.

The brothers are seen together quite often in each other’s channels. In fact, they shot their first-ever YouTube video together and also launched the channel Free Time together in 2014.

The Fishman siblings still do a lot of collaborations together and make appearances frequently when one or the other does prank videos and vlogs.

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Tal and Adi Hid Their Third Sibling Well

While the Fishman brothers have stuck together since the very start of their online stardom, they kept their sister out of the picture altogether. During all their stint over the years, there was neither a hint of a third sibling in any of their videos nor was she mentioned anywhere outside YouTube too. 

On top of that, in a 2018 video, the brothers even denied having a sister, although that could easily have been a joke.

Tal Fishman Finally Revealed About their Sister in 2019

Tal finally confirmed that he had a sister in June 2019. He posted a picture of himself and his sister on Instagram. The post was captioned “I finally let her out of the cage...yes I have a sister."

The revelation came as quite a shock to his fans, as can be seen in the comment section of the post. After the Instagram post, the brothers broke their secretive trend and Shani (their sister) started appearing in her brother’s channels more often. Adi posted a video titled “Brother Vs Sister” in August 2019, where she was properly featured in full-length for the first time. The three siblings thereafter started appearing together in many videos.

Tal and Adi Fishman's Sister Shani Fishman Works In Education

Shani Fishman is the oldest in the family. Her current age is 25, according to Famous Birthday. But unlike her brothers, she has not chosen the traditional professional path.

According to her Linkedin, she first got an Associate of Science degrees from the Los Angeles Pierce College in 2015 and then transferred to get a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from California State University-Northridge. And after she earned the Bachelor's degree in 2017, she then went on to study M.S. in Counseling for K-12 Schools, which is a three-year course.

And when she was gaining the higher education and aspiring to be a skilled professional counselor onde day, she started her amateur counseling career in 2016 as a Student Assitant at the university's "IT Help DesK."

She remained active in the position till 2018, and in between, she also worked as a Peer Educator for the University Counselling Services starting from 2017, and as the Activities Coordinator Disabled Adults Intern for Jewish Family Services—the internship role would last till 2020. 

Taking up the educator position for 'J.A.D.E' (also known as Joint Advocates on Disordered Eating) program, she worked to encourage body acceptance within the university.

Shani Fishman Ventured out to Professional Counselling stints and also Took a Communication role in the Company her Brother Co-founded   

Between 2018 and now, she has had engaged herself in three professional stints, including IELTS Testing Supervisor for English Language Center from 2018 to 2020, School Counseling Intern for Granada Hills Charter High School from 2020 to present, and Office Coordinator for Tal TalentX Entertainment from 2020 to present.

"Serving as the key point person to the founders and the chief executive officer...Managing the company's Gsuite admin console by overseeing the settings and users," her Linkedin profile describes her role on TalentX.

What is TalentX Entertainment?

It is a digital space talent management company founded by five co-founders, including Tal Fishman, Jason Wilhelm, Michael Gruen, and Josh Richards.

Tal Fishman and Adi Fishman sister Shani Has a Limited Public Profile

Shani seems to be a private person as her personal Instagram account is not public.

However, she does have a secondary account where she shares travel and lifestyle pictures. She has also posted a picture with Tal on her secondary account. She seems to balance out her professional career by traveling often. It is clear that she is a contrast to her brothers though, which could explain them maintaining apparent secrecy in the previous years.


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