Popular YouTuber and Reaction Time creator, Tal Fishman is in a relationship with Madeline Dean, who is also a Youtuber, fashion model, and social media personality.

In this article, let us explore their relationship, how they work together and complement each other.

Who is Tal Fishman's Girlfriend Maddie Dean?

Maddie Dean is a 20-year-old fashion model and also a popular YouTuber. Her social media platforms such as Youtube have been growing rapidly ever since she started dating Fishman.  

On her Youtube channel, she mostly posts vlogs, prank, and reaction videos like her boyfriend. The couple can be seen together in a lot of YouTube videos, and they often collaborate on other platforms too.

Tal Fishman and His Girlfriend Have Been Together for Over a Year

2020 marked the first anniversary of the couple’s relationship. Fishman posted about their anniversary on Instagram on April 16. He seemed to be drowning in love in his post.

Dean claims Her Boyfriend Influenced Her to Start a YouTube Channel

The fact that Dean’s relationship is as old as her YouTube channel is no coincidence. She has explicitly claimed in her channel description itself that her boyfriend "forced"  her to start the channel.

Hi everyone! My name is Maddie and my boyfriend forced me to start this channel. Although, I have really grown to love it and making videos is now one of my biggest hobbies. Thank you for stopping by

In Fishman's first video with his girlfriend, Dean said that she used to be camera shy before YouTube, and making videos has helped her become more confident. She is quite grateful for his encouragement during the early days.

The Couple's Activities Go Beyond YouTube

This cute pair's partnership is not just limited to YouTube. They make a lot of Tiktok videos together and are popular there too. Tal Fishman has 1.2 million followers, and Maddie has 394.7k followers in TikTok as of early November 2020, and one can frequently find them hopping on TikTok trends together.

Apart from that, Maddie is also a part of TalentX, a group of young influencers helping clients connect with potential partners. It was Fishman who co-founded this company.

Maddie’s Social Media Channels has Benefitted From her Boyfriend’s Fame

For instance, Maddie gained 350,000 subscribers within just eight months of launching her Youtube channel. Her exponential rise to fame is no coincidence—her boyfriend's fame has played a significant role in promoting Maddie’s channel.

She has also been featured in a lot of his Youtube reaction videos. You can also see in her channel that most of her videos are about her boyfriend.