Haley Morales is a social media influencer who made a name for herself with her YouTube channel where she regularly posts music videos, makeup tutorials, and lifestyle-related content in general.

Her YouTube channel currently boasts over 735 thousand subscribers. As for her Instagram, she has over 339 thousand followers taking note of her posts. But she is obviously much more than just these numbers.

So without further ado, let's jump right into five things that you should know about this multi-faceted internet persona.

Family and Personal Life

The young social influencer comes from a family of four, including herself, her dad, mom, and brother, all of whom have made appearances on her socials at some point. 

Haley has an elder brother named Haydn, who turned 21 on March 21, 2021. That makes him well over three years older than Haley, who turned 17 on December 22, 2020. 

Her mother, Brandi Nichole, is an archaeological technician by profession. Being a singer/songwriter herself, Brandi is Haley's manager and handles her daughter's marketing and promotions.

As for Haley's father, his name has not yet been made public, but he has made several appearances on Brandi's Instagram. 


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She Is a Huge Ariana Grande Fan

Hollywood naturally has quite a few singers and performers that an up-and-coming performer such as Haley can look up to. As for Haley, she has chosen the idolize the immensely talented songstress Ariana Grande. 

The social influencer took to her Instagram to wish her idol on her birthday back in 2017. The post featured a video of Grande ruling a concert, and the captions read:

Happy birthday to my strong, beautiful, precious and beyond talented idol Ariana Grande.

In a YouTube video the 17-year-old uploaded in 2020, she confessed that she was also very jealous of Grande's producers and gushed about her musical prowess.

Her Relationship Status

In a Q&A video she posted back in May 2020, the talented singer revealed that she was not talking to anyone, neither did she have any romantic interests. She said that she was "boy-free" at the moment. Although it got lonely at times, she elaborated that being single was "nice." 

She reiterated that she did not need anybody but herself and her best friend. She even encouraged her viewers those were the only people they needed as well. Her relationship status as of recent is a mystery, though. 

She Started Makeup at a Very Young Age

 In yet another Q&A session, this one dated December 2017, the YouTuber revealed that she showed an affinity to makeup at a very young age, or as she put it when she was a "wee tot." 

She initially experimented with her mother's makeup. As time progressed, she got more and more into it. Her progressive journey into the world of makeup is evident on her YouTube channel as well. 

Life Goals

Last but not least, Haley has been expressive of her life goals in her past videos. As things are, her life goals are pretty straightforward. She wants doesn't want to go to an expensive college because she doesn't want debt. She would like to have a stable job that could afford her a nice house and car. 

Her dream house should preferably be somewhere in the Dallas area where she can have a lot of animals. Apart from that, she was pretty certain that she did not want children and was not sure about marriage.