Steve Bacic, who has worked in projects like Supernatural (2009 and 2020), Garage Sale Mysteries (2014-2019), and Andromeda (2000-2005), was married at one point in time and had three kids with his wife. But, his marital life, sadly, wasn’t meant to last forever—Bacic had to bear the death of the love of his life.

It hasn’t been very long since his wife Carolin Bacic’s death. However, Steve has moved on and is now with another woman. And his children, too, seem to like his new girlfriend.

What Do We Know About Steve Bacic's Late Wife, Carolin?

Steve Bacic is a very private guy when it comes to his personal life and family. He never revealed his wife's identity on his personal Instagram, which has 71 posts (as of November 12, 2020), with the first one dating back to November 21, 2015.

As reported by Amomama, Bacic's wish for privacy was evident during an interview with Grazia magazine, where he said that he did not share the details about his wife and children as he was the one in show business and not his kids.

Steve had three kids with Carolin: daughters Emma and Lily and a son Steven.

And it seems like his children are not that concerned about appearing in public, especially not his youngest daughter, Lily Bacic.

Also, it was through Lily’s Instagram that we collected some information about Steve’s wife’s death. On January 4, 2020, she posted a heartfelt message for her dead mother on her death anniversary. Carolin Bacic, a client care professional, passed away on January 4, 2019, but the cause of her death remains unknown yet.

The post consisted of two pictures where late Carolin can be seen holding her children as they sleep soundly on her lap. The caption expressed daughter Lily's feelings when she realized that her mother wasn’t there to hold her hand anymore.

As for Emma and Steven, both their Instagram accounts are private. However, Emma is active on VSCO, and we can find that she, too, has posted pictures of her mother there.

Steve Bacic Has Moved On, And The Children Seem To Approve Of It!

It has been a little less than two years since Carolin passed away, and Steve has moved on with his life, or at least his romantic life, from what little we know.

Going through Emma’s VSCO profile reveals that the actor is now involved with a new woman. Although we do not know her name as of yet, we can see what she looks like.

Steve Bacic with his girlfriend

Steve Bacic with his current girlfriend (Photo: emmabacic/VSCO)

It seems as though the kids approve of his father’s new love life from the looks of it. In fact, it looks like they actually like his new girlfriend.

In the picture above, which was posted on Emma’s VSCO on June 20, 2020, the caption was “My dad & his girlfriend (aka the couple that never ages wtf)”

They also get together at times. In a picture, Emma uploaded on March 13, 2020, Steve can be seen embracing his girlfriend while standing alongside his three kids.

Steve Bacic with his girlfriend and three kids

Steve Bacic with his girlfriend (on his right) and kids Emma (middle), Lily (left of Emma), and Steven (far left) (Photo: emmabacic/VSCO)

All these suggest that Steve has now moved past the hurt that his wife’s death must have caused him. He is now onto a new chapter in his life, and he seems to be enjoying it, as are his children.