With a career spanning two decades, Steve Bacic deserves a movie biopic of his own played by an equally captivating leading man. 

Please read the article in full to know who the Lisicic, Croatia native would like to portray his illustrious career that oversaw the role of an infamous villain to comical sidekick. 

Steve Bacic: a Man Full of Versatility

Best known for his role as Telemachus Rhade and Gaheris Rhade in the Canadian/American science fiction television series Andromeda, Steve Bacic is a Canadian actor who started his acting career in 1991.

Since then, he went on to work in hundreds of movies and series, including popular ones like 21 Jump Street, Arrow, Supernatural, X-Files, Andromeda, and Smallville.

This veteran actor, who has been a part of projects across different genres, is loved by fans and the industry for his multifaceted acting skills.

Besides acting, Bacic has also ventured into producing a short film named Beyond the Call, which he also directed.

Bacic is an Actor Who isn't a Fan of Attention?

The audience loves his acting prowess, and he's also known for his new direction ventures, but one thing Bacic is not known for is his media presence, which is why he's rarely talked about for being under the limelight. He's quite notorious for avoiding the media and keeping his personal life off the 'gram.

Talking to the Current Magazine for its Spring 2017 issue about why he rarely posts about his directing project, Bacic says that social media may do some good, but it is more fake than TV.

I really don't post anything. I'm a little negligent in my career when it comes to social media or any sort of promotion. That's why I don't like being interviewd or anything like that.

He constantly speaks out against cyberbullying and advocates for accountability in social media. He sees no need for his family to suffer any media scrutiny.

"I don't really like a lot of attention. I just kind of like to do my thing."

Bacic Wants an Oscar-Winning Actor to Play Him in a Possible Biopic

 In the same Current Magazine interview, Bacic names Leonardo DiCaprio as his favorite actor, among others. If there ever were a biopic on his life, he would want DiCaprio to play him.

Leo (DiCaprio). Yeah. Why not? I think Leo could do it. He's the age for it. The more he ages, the less I age. We'll be alright.

Bacic is Now a Regular Face Of Hallmark

It is a conclusively proven fact is that versatility is Steve Bacic's strong suit. It is quite evident with his range of roles he had played throughout his career—quite a few of them being Hallmark movies. Over the years, Bacic has established himself as a Hallmark favorite by starring in numerous Hallmark movies, including Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge, A Christmas to Remember, and the famous movie series Garage Sale Mystery starring Lori Loughlin.

Bacic began his Hallmark journey with the 2005 movie, The Colt, a war movie set amidst the American Civil War. In an episode of the Hallmarkies Podcast, Bacic declared that it was one of the best movie scripts he ever read, calling it heartbreaking and beautiful. He, however, stressed that the production couldn't do the script justice.

Given his talent, experience, and devotion, one can only hope to see more great things from Steve Bacic.