After hiding his relationship status for a long time, publicist Simon Halls took the world by storm with the revelation of his small and happy family. 

Simon has successfully been able to make a remarkable impact on Hollywood in the PR industry. He has been acting in several films such as Hostel II and Hollidaysburg. Along with his involvement in Hollywood, he is also the co-founder of Huvane Baum Halls and later became a co-CEO of PMK/HBH in September of 2007.   

Simon Halls' Short Bio Reveals Education

According to the wiki, Simon was born on 12 January 1964 in Toronto, Canada and moved to the USA after graduating from High School. He then attended a University in South California.

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Talking about his personal life, information about his family and early life has still not been revealed yet. With that, it can be understood that Simon is a private person when it comes to his family affairs. 

His Career And Net Worth: PR Manager In Early 90s

Simon began his career by working under Warner Bros which provided him with enough contacts and experience to start his PR Firm. But he took a turn to Russia to pursue his PR career than continuing in the US itself.

In Russia, he was the PR manager for the First McDonald. He then came back to the US after gaining experience from Russia for two years.

He started working for BWR Public Relations and became the PR manager of their entire firm in the early 90s. He established his very own foundation Huvane Baum Halls in mid-90s.

He has also received special thanks on a couple of movies that includes 2007 horror movie, Hostel: Part II and Hollidaysburg.

After the success of the company, he accepted the lucrative offer of PMK in 2001 and sold the company to them. But in 2010, he again started his PR firm and then eventually became the PR manager of Hollywood. His unbeaten streak also earned him a place in the Out magazine’s Power List for the year 2012. 

The well-renowned publicist has accumulated a prominent amount of net worth. However, the accurate detail about his earnings has not been yet published in the media. With success brought by his PR career, it is safe to say he is with millions right now.

His Relationship With Gay Partner Matt Bomer

Simon shocked the whole industry coming out as gay during his acceptance speech at the Desert AIDS Project 's Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards in 2012.

He further revealed that he had a private marriage with his long-term partner Matt Bomer. Before coming out as gay, he dated a few girls but did not have any wife. 

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Matt Bomer is a well-renowned actor who has played various roles in different movies. The pair made an official announcement about their marriage in 2014 and shared that they had been married since 2011.

The duo first met with professional terms when Simon was the publicist for Matt. Since Simon was not fond of sharing his personal life on display, he kept this news as a secret for a long time. 

Kids Add Bliss To Married Life

To add more happiness to their marriage, they took things to a whole new level. The couple welcomed three sons: Kit, Walker, and Henry, who were all born via surrogate mother. 

Even after having such a hectic schedule, both the parents join in the goofiness of their kids. 

On the occasion of Halloween, the whole family was dressed as different scary characters to enjoy the day. Matt further took to Instagram to rejoice the moment by snapping a picture with the family on 1 November 2016.

Moreover, on the occasion of father's day 2018, his partner Matt regarded him as the greatest Dad and partner in parenting anyone could hope for. Further, he did not forget to manifest his love for him.

Despite being gay, the couple has three children and loves spending quality time with them. Recently, Simon and his husband Matt celebrated Celebrates Pride in New York City with their three sons.

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Family Shows Gay Support: Simon and his husband Matt celebrates gay pride with his three sons in June 2018. (Photo: Matt Bomer's Instagram)

Matt shared the picture of on the day of NYC’s pride parade along with Simon and his three sons in front of the Booth Theater. As a responsible parent, he has been enjoying the moments with his kids so far and giving them love and support. Matt also believes he learned more than he could by being a father, especially about unconditional love with his children.

Husband Wishes Him On Occasion Of Father's Day

Fathers Day is the occasion of honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, parental bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. On such a day, Simon's husband, Matt Bomer wished him a very happy birthday citing his immense love and passion towards their children. Matt further posted a photo on Instagram which shows them spending quality time with their three children.

Together Forever: A collage of Simon Hall and Matt Bomer enjoying quality time with their children. (Photo: Matt Bomer Instagram | June 17, 2018)

It seems that the bond between Simon and Matt is very much reliable and inseparable. Love is very much well and alive and from the looks of it, it is not going to die down any time soon.