Jon Basedow's journey from an obese adult to a national hero as a fitness trainer is no less than a fairytale. What's more, the star was blessed with a real-life fairy, who watched him go from an average guy next door to national sensation. 

The social media influencer rose to prominence after his 2008 book Fitness Made Simple made big waves in the fitness market. The best selling author has hosted numerous fitness based shows and also motivated millions of people through his avatar as a motivation guru. He regularly posts his motivational words through his JonbasedowTV program which is syndicated nationally in some TV programs. 

Too Ripped: Jon Basedow's morning dose of motivation, Wake Up Words for 1 June 2018 (Photo: Jon Basedow's Instagram)

Jon Basedow started his career as a reporter on the New York program and also co-created the show ‘Images.’ After the wraps of Images Jon was left horribly out of shape and joined various fitness programs to stay fit. However, when everything failed, He customized his fitness program and managed to get in shape. He later released DVD's of his fitness program and called them Fitness Made Simple.

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His career in the entertainment world took off after he authored one of the bestselling books ‘Fitness Made Simple’ with the McGraw Hills. After that, he was flooded with offers in the field of the fitness industry.

Besides preaching fitness, he is also an advocate for many charities, including the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association.

As of 2018, John has been doing health and pop culture news reports that run on AOL, USA Today, Huffington Post, MSN, Hollywood Life, Yahoo News, Examiner, and other significant sites. Similarly, the motivation guru also tours the country informing the people about the importance of good health and staying fit. His love for fitness regime and dedication towards work is evident by the fact that he is always working even on his birthday. 

John also hosts and produces favorite online TV shows which feature celebrity and pop culture news. In 2013, he even won the ‘Pop Goes the Culture Award’ for Pop Culture Icon.

He has also become a recognized social media personality, partially due to his #WakeUpWords motivational Vine and Instagram videos.

Adding more to his influence on social media, John even had an outside production company to launch an online reality show called John Basedow TV on YouTube in 2007.

If that wasn't enough, he served as a host for the popular YouTube series, Lesbian Video Speed Dating in 2011. This led him to launch another YouTube series, New Media Stew and Culture Pop that covered pop culture and celebrity news.

As his audience took a boost due to his frequent contribution on the online platform, John encourages the use of social media as a form of motivation and empowerment.

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In fact, in 2017, he was even featured on an episode of Viceland's The Untitled Action Bronson Show, which led him to enter as a guest on the Tom Shillue show. 

He soon served as a keynote speaker at the 'I Am Success Summit' in Syracuse where he appeared on a panel with Starz Power cast member Rotimi and MTV's Justina Valentine.

Through his various business ventures and his best selling book, the star has a net worth in millions, fitting for a guy who works 24/7.

John Basedow Went Through Horrible Rumors

It has not always been plain sailing for the fitness freak, and he has had to fend off various rumors in his life. In 2005 after the devastating Tsunami to hit Asia, Jon Basedow was rumored to be dead. However, he later released a statement saying he was not dead, but alive and kicking providing relief to his thousands of followers.

Not just that, he has had to fend off gay rumors at various points in time. The stories took off when he was announced as the host of Lesbian Speed dating in 2011. The program is focused on helping single women to have a better relationship.  

Similarly, his secretive personal life has not helped the rumors too. 

Doting Son, No Wife To Show

The fitness guru is a big yes among girls. Blessed with a macho physique and well-toned body, Jon has many women swooning for him. 

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Despite having a huge female fan following the TV personality is still single and has not committed to a relationship with a woman. He is still single, and his readiness for mingling is not known.

One woman, however, has a special place in his life, his mother. The star author who remains on the road most of the time, whether that be teaching physical exercises or delivering motivational speeches, tries his utmost best to be with his mother. The mother and son duo are super close, and Jon spends his festivities with his family. 

Perfect Frame: Jon Basedow celebrates Easter Weekend 2017 with his mother (Photo: Jon Basedow's Instagram)

And the star also holds his late father in high regards regularly tweeting about him on his birthdays and Father's day. Blessed with a loving mother and an overly busy schedule, the star could be biding his time before he gets married. 

John Basedow, after many challenges, has finally achieved success in his field and is continuing to gain more.