Despite peeking through the American and Canadian households through her regular TV appearance, Robin Gill's own life has remained hidden. One fact that remained open was that she had been lucky and blessed with supportive parents, who helped her in every decision she made.

Canadian Journalist, Robin Gill is the B.C. correspondent and weekend anchor for Global National. She has also worked with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Gill has reported some big stories across Canada and around the world, including the United Nations meeting in Geneva and High profile injury into the death of the Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski.

Global National Correspondent: Reporter Robin Gill says learning by doing is the best way to be a journalist (Published on 27 June 2017)

The Canadian national started her career as a researcher and writer at CHAN-TV which led her to the reporting and anchoring industry.

Robin Gill's Parents Wanted Her To Be Lawyer

Born on 12 May 1978 to parents of Indian ethnicity, Robin's parents never wanted her to be a part of a fickle industry. What's more, they wanted her to have a stable job and pursue a degree in law, which would set her for life.

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However, Robin, who holds Canadian nationality, had her eyes set on a career in the journalism. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in International Relations and got a degree in broadcast journalism from British Columbia Institute Of Technology.

Robing Gill's Career: Headlines The Global News

She moved her way to Saskatchewan looking for reporting and anchoring job after beginning as a researcher.

Later she arrived at Vancouver's national newsroom in December 2008. She helped launch the A-Channel where she hosted both the morning and the evening show. In the 2000's summer, she moved to Toronto to report for Global News before becoming the weekend anchor.

After moving to Toronto, she has covered various local issues including the SARS outbreak, The Blackout of 2003, the Dalai Lama's visit. She was also the reporter on the 2005 Year of the Gun for Global News which hosted and reported on different community events in affected areas aimed at reducing gun violence in troubled Toronto neighbors.

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Is She Married? Husband?

And her dedication towards her profession is evident from her personal life which has had no rumors of dating or mentions about her boyfriend. She revealed to the Prevail Project that the glue to having a successful life is to surround yourself with positive people who helped to make every dreams possible. 

Despite having provided the info on her perfect partner, she has also delved no details about her husband or her married life. The biggest question asked about the anchor remains about if she has been married and does she has a husband to show, which continues to remain unanswered. 

All these points to two facts, either the lady has not married, or she has mastered the art of hiding which other celebrities can only dream of.  

Her Parents Are Proud Of Her Achievements

Despite her parents wanting her to proceed a career in law, Robin tried her hands in TV. And learning about her passion for showbiz, her parents finally accepted her choice.

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And once Robin started making waves in the small screen, her family members could not have been prouder of her. Her mother was particularly fond of the fact that her daughter hugged the TV screen and made sure that every TV screen in her locality was tuned in to Global Media to see her daughter broadcasting.

Similarly her aunt also often brags about her niece's job.

With her whole family behind her back, Robin's career is soaring to newer heights. However, her most significant victory comes in the fact that she has been able to turn the initial skepticism of her parents into pride.

What Is Robin Gill Like?, Inside The Exterior Of A Hard-Boiled Journalist

Outside of her role as a journalist, Robin is a usual woman of fine tastes. Recently, while talking to, Robin revealed her favorite restaurants, attractions in Vancouver (where she lives) she likes to visit, and what kind of art she likes to collect.

According to Robin, she likes Bau-Xi Gallery in South Granville and its ensemble of new and old artists. And Nightangle, Giardino and Savio Volpe are among her favorite restaurants. Robin also mentioned that she is an avid art collector (that explains Bau-Xi affection) and has numerous paintings hanging at her walls ranging from picturesque of Sicily to nudes. She is also a dedicated wine collector and whenever she travels she buys some of it.

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Quick Facts about Robin Gill:

  1. Just like everyone else, the first thing Robin looks into every morning is her iPad.

  2. According to Robin, one of the best parts about her work is getting involved in charities and supporting them.

  3. Apart from being an outstanding journalist, Robin is also a book lover and calls Strunk and White as her bible.

  4. Luxury drink wine is a part of Robin’s lunch club which she enjoys with some of her lawyer friends.

  5. Working a hectic job day and night, flats are Robin’s best friend as they help her commute faster during rush hours.