After enjoying her wedding ceremony in her reel life Canadian actress, Emily VanCamp revealed her plans of getting married in real life. Having already passed a year since getting engaged, her talks on marriage left fans frustrated. 

Emily VanCamp is known mostly for her lead roles on The WB series Everwood and the ABC drama Brother & Sisters. Her big-screen portrayal of Sharon Carter in the movie, Captain America also won her loads of appraisal.

Very Canadian: Emily VanCamp telling James Corden about making syrup when she was home. (Published on 20 April 2018)

Emily VanCamp has also starred as the female lead role in the medical drama series The Resident which debuted in January 2018 and has been scheduled to air its second season on 24 September 2018. 

Emily VanCamp’s Bio: Early Life, Age, Family & Career

It was on 12 May 1986, Emily Irene VanCamp was born in Port Perry, Ontario to Cindy and Robert VanCamp. She was raised along with her three sisters, Katie VanCamp, Alison VanCamp and Molly VanCamp.  

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Carrying the dream of becoming a ballerina, Emily moved to Montreal to attend a summer training program at the age of 11 when her sister was cast in the movie Ladies Room. Emily visited her sister on sets and was immediately captivated by the act.

The actress aged 32, started taking acting classes, and everything progressed quickly from there. Emily met her manager who’s still working with her. After doing some commercials, Emily was cast in the second part of the Canadian television series, Are You Afraid of The Dark?.

Emily got her big break when she was cast as a regular in the drama Glory Days in 2002. Recognizing her performance, film producer Greg Berlanti cast her in American Drama, Everwood. Emily earned much recognition for her role which brought to her four Teen Choice Awards nomination.

Emily VanCamp Adores Her Family

Not being one to drown in the greed of fame and recognition, Emily doesn’t forget to remind her family that she loves them, whether it's just spending time with them or posting pictures of them in social media sites.

There is no doubt that her career makes it difficult for her to squeeze the family into the schedule, but for Emily, family always comes first. She reminds her fans again and again that she is not the one to leave behind her first source of happiness.

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A complete frame: Emily posts a picture with her sisters, mother and father on Instagram on 16 July 2017. (Photo: Emily VanCamp’s Instagram)

Emily doesn’t hesitate to show her love for her family on social media as she frequently posts pictures with them. Although she often posts random moments of her spending time with the family, Emily doesn’t forget to share special occasions like her father’s birthday and her parents’ anniversary.

Emily Engaged To Co-star Boyfriend

The psychological thriller drama series, Revenge brought Emily her destined one. Emily has been dating Revenge co-star Josh Bowman since 2011. The pair first met at the set of the series. Josh Bowman is an English screen actor who is quite known for his role as Daniel Grayson in Revenge.

Emily and Josh had an on-screen romance in the series where their characters got married in the third season. The couple had successfully kept their real-life romance under the veil.

But in 2014 Emily couldn’t help but gush about her love-life in an interview with InStyle Australia stating that trust was the most important thing in a relationship.

One Year of engagement: Emily posts a picture with her soon to be husband on Instagram on 11 May 2018. (Photo: Emily VanCamp’s Instagram)

The Revenge stars are not so conservative about their relationship anymore, as they keep posting pictures with their other half in social media sites. After three years of dating and exploring romance with Emily, the couple finally got engaged after Josh got on one knee in May 2017.

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Is Emily VanCamp Set To Turn Josh Bowman To Husband?

Emily has been maintaining her relationship with her former boyfriend turned fiance in a steady way along with their work. Despite having already tasted marriage in the sets of Revenge, the pair doesn’t seem to be rushing to get married in real life.

In a talk about her engagement with PEOPLE in May 2017, Emily answered questions about turning Josh into  a real-life husband saying,

We’re not in a rush and we’re not in the wedding planning zone. I think once we start it’ll go quickly hopefully, but we’re both very focused on our work, so the little time we have together, we just want to be together.

There goes the fans’ long-term ship. It’s still sailing and doesn’t seem to have any intention to drown as it’s already been a year since the engagement and the couple is still blessing the fans with cute pictures and updates.

So in any case, if the two get married, there’s no doubt that Emily will announce the occasion and bring forward her future husband.