An Emmy Award-winning television journalist, Richelle Carey is a strong advocate for girls and women, who is known for fighting and raising voice against sexual discriminations in the society.

With rising success and achievements in her career as a journalist, Richelle's number of fans and supporters are also equally increasing. And, for fans, it is natural to be curious to know about the woman who is doing so well for the betterment of every woman in the world.

Richelle Carey Interview:  Richelle Carey from Al Jazeera gives an interview for Vassier Serrano in March 2013 (Video: Published on Mar 5, 2015)

So, whether you’re a fan or not, you surely want to be acquainted with this astonishing lady.

Richelle Carey is a US broadcast Journalist who also has her hands full with her job as an anchor for International news channel Al Jazeera English.

Here Is Richelle Carey's Bio(Age)

The renowned news anchor, Richelle Carey, was born on 13 October 1976 and grew up in Houston, Texas with her family. Her bio depicts that her only other is a nurse and she belongs to the black-mixed American ethnicity.

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She is also too close to her parents of whom she shared a picture on her Instagram wishing them a happy anniversary back in December 2017.

Richelle Carey's Parents: Carey shares a photo of her parents on their wedding anniversary on December 17, 2017 (Photo: Richelle's Instagram)

Richelle graduated from Baylor University in Texas with a bachelor's degree in Telecommunications. Her career in journalism began when she joined KPRC-TV as an intern in Houston, Texas. And later, due to her hard dedication towards work, she became an associate producer of the station.

Richelle Carey's Professional Career: KPRC-TV, HLN

At the beginning of her career, Carey worked as an intern at KPRC-TV, an NBC affiliated television channel, and later got promoted to associate producer. Her initial journalism career as an anchor and reporter took her to many places all over the country like Texas, Nevada, Missouri, and Atlanta, where she worked for HLN covering women and child victims affected by violence.

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While working for HLN, an American pay television news channel, Carey hosted a show 'What Matters' which focused on the worldwide issues of the African-American community and raising voice against the violence they face.

Her prominent reporting projects include covering of Fort Hood in Texas, completing a four-part series on the work of soldiers in the first U.S Cavalry station. In her journalism career till date, she has been awarded two most prestigious awards; Emmy Award and Emerging Journalist Award.

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Presently, Richelle serves on the board of the Girls Scouts of Greater Atlanta as well as Men Stopping Violence organization which is dedicated to ending men’s violence against women. She is an advocate especially for the sexualization of young girls and women’s right.

Also, Richelle has earned an immense height of success in her career through her dedication towards journalism. Now, she is working as a news anchor for Al Jazeera English and gains an average salary of $63,648 along with impressive compensation.

Richelle Carey Personal Life!

Richelle Carey has always remained mysterious in regards to her personal life.

However, the broadcast journalist, who is very active on social networking sites, surprises her followers with her tweets about her dearly loved one.

Back in 2012, Richelle shared a series of tweets mentioning ‘boyfriend’ and ‘husband’ that not only captured but also confused many fans. Such tweet first appeared on 1st July 2012, where she revealed that her husband was robbed in the Best Actor Category in BET Awards. Richelle also disclosed that her husband is from acting world. 

Richelle's Mysterious Husband: Richelle tweets about her mysterious husband on 1 July 2012 (Photo: Richelle's Twitter Account)

The great revelation came on the same day, 1 July 2012, after she shared a tweet stating the actor Idris Elba is her husband. Such similar tweet followed on the same day (1 July 2012), where she remarked that Idris is her husband and Denzel, her boyfriend.

She confused her fans more on 25 August 2014 via a tweet, where she stated that her last name is Carey while her new boyfriend’s last name is Cary and felt that was cute.

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All such tweets put her fans in a dilemma whether she really has a boyfriend or not. Clearing the confusing, she shared another tweet on 29 August 2012 which clearly stated that she was not married but instead has a great pretend boyfriend.

Richelle Tweets About Her Relationship Status: Richelle says she is not married on her August 2012 tweet (Photo: Richelle's Twitter) 

Keeping her contemptuous tweets aside, Richelle seems to be an unmarried woman in reality. Despite her cryptic tweets, Richelle has never been linked to any men, which might be caused by her successful career. It might be that she was left with hardly any time for dating after she dedicated her time and focus on career. 

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Though, Richelle has revealed frequently that her husband will be a man who values and respect all the women and support them in their hard times. May the journalist finds the man she is looking for, soon and keep all her fans on the same page.