For a specified period, Reza Jarrahy and Geena Davis were able to keep their critic's mouth shut and provided a response through their happy married life. However, they finally relented awarding the victory to critics. 

The 47-year-old craniofacial specialist is one of the most renowned faces in the field of plastic surgery in California. His long-standing experience in the craniofacial operations and plastic surgery has led him to various prestigious positions most notably, as the board member for  American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons, and faculty advisor for different UCLA faculties in various parts of the world.

To Hollywood With Wife Via UCLA: Reza Jarrahy's Biography

After graduating from the Stanford University in Biological Sciences, he attended the medical school at the State University of New York. Upon the completion of course in NY, he completed the general surgery residency at NY University and UCLA. After completing his residency project at The UCLA, he was awarded the UCLA Craniofacial Surgery Fellowship in 2006, one of the most prestigious scholarships schemes in the whole of States. 

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He has been associated with the UCLA ever since, and his works at the field of plastic surgery have been a model for the whole world to see. And his actions have been not only rewarded with name and fame but also financial incentives.

He is one of the highest earning fellow at the UCLA earning a yearly salary of more than $215Ks. What's more, his affiliations with other institutes have also contributed to an increase in his net worth. He boasts a decent net worth for his exertions in the medical sector, with the exact figure remaining hidden. 

Born on 1971 to devout Muslim religion parents, he attended the Hunter College High School and graduated as the valedictorian of his batch. The publicity shunning doctor was propelled in the spotlight after his marriage with the acclaimed actress of the 90s, Geena Davis. 

The couple met in late 2000 at a party and instantly clicked together. Geena, who had been a part of three previous failed marriages, felt that despite their closeness they had more dissimilarities then similarity. 

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Geena was a Hollywood sweetheart, whereas, Reza was a media-shy physician. Similarly, Geena was taller in height to Reza, and also older in age, they had an age difference of 15 years. What's more, Reza was an aspiring physician trying to make his name with a net worth in thousands, Geena was a multimillionaire, with a net worth of $30 million.

Despite the skeptics giving no chances to their relationship, Geena and Reza's love prevailed over all the odds with the couple getting married on 1 September 2001. What's more, Reza became a father for the first time, after Geena gave birth to daughter  Alizeh at her 40s. The couple's family expanded for 3 to 5 after welcoming twin sons Kian and Kaiis. 

Smashes Married Life To Pieces After Filing For Divorce

Everything seemed to be going well with the Jarrahy household, a well-paid job, superstar wife and adorable kids; life could not possibly go wrong. However, the happy family was broken to pieces after Reza filed for divorce with his wife of 16 years in May 2018.

Reza Jarrahy with wife Geena Davis and kids attends a UCLA ceremony in 2017 before the news about their divorce (Photo:

As per TMZ, Reza had filed for divorce under the anonymous names Rob Doe vs. Veronica Doe from his wife of more than 16 years. His divorce papers demanded the spousal support and the sole custody of his kids. Also, his divorce petition made a further demand to forbid Geena to request for spousal and kids' charge. 

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The plastic surgery specialist cited irreconcilable differences as a reason for their divorce. The divorce documents further revealed that the couple had been living separately since 15 December 2017. The critics, who felt that the couple had more dissimilarity and were destined to fail in their marriage, were finally proven to be right. 

His Ex-Wife Geena Davis Claims That The Couple Were Never Legally Married

As the finalization of divorce was nearing around, Reza who seemed to be unhappier with the T&Cs of the divorce dragged the news into the limelight again.

On 11 September 2018, Geena Davis brought up the hullabaloo that she was never legally married to Reza Jarrahy and the couple never obtained a marriage license.

To add fuels to the fact, she claimed that Reza and she had checked single on tax returns, and they did not own property as a couple and never even had a joint checking or savings account or a joint retirement account. Adding to that, she boasted Jarrahy had never received health insurance through her SAG-AFTRA membership as he did not qualify as a family member.   

This will definitely go down as one of the historical divorce sagas as on 21 September 2018, Reza fired back to all the stances Geena had brought up against him. In the documents he presented to the court, it stated,

'Did she lie to everyone when she told them we were married? I certainly intended to marry, and believed I was marrying Geena and our early history together and Geena's own statements in interviews she gave to the press supports that this was her intention as well. Any suggestion that we had no intention of getting legally married is absolutely untrue!'

Building a thick wall against her thin protests, he explained that they did not get a marriage license because Geena never wanted the news to surface out. As well as presenting photographic proof of the wedding, the doctor explained that the ceremony was officiated by both a priest and his own father. Supporting the doctor, his father has also filed in a document regarding his involvement. 

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Reza thinks all the claims Geena had presented was bogus.

Well, it would be too early to judge anyone of them. But given the fact, that Reza is always on the side of divorce with his own T&Cs somehow satisfies that Geena is unsatisfied with the terms after divorce.

However, the court is yet to decide on the matters and the claims and counterclaims will only continue until a verdict is reached!

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