Raphael Rowe, who is the host of the Netflix docu-series Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons, had himself spent 12 years in prison for crimes he did not commit.

The British broadcast's breath-taking backstory has garnered numerous curiosities, but none more so than the mysterious scar that runs down his left cheek. The BBC reporter who had never addressed fans' queries regarding the scar has finally revealed the story behind it in a recently released book Notorious.

Released on December 20, 2020, the book recounts a slew of instances from the wrongfully convicted journalist, some of which we will be laying in the article below. 

Raphael Rowe's Life Story Is A Lesson Of Perseverance

Before getting into anything else, it is important first to appreciate Raphael Rowe's life struggles because we can all learn something from them.

In 1988, at the age of 19, the investigative journalist was sentenced to life imprisonment for a false charge of murder and robbery. After spending 12 years in prison, in 2000, the Court of Appeal finally overturned the wrongful convictions. He was then released from the undeserved incarceration.

Upon release, the TV personality was so out of touch that people mocked him for being unable to use a mobile phone. In an interview with BBC, the Netflix star shared that he faced difficulties interacting with women. Not only that, but he also said opening doors felt uneasy (because you never have to open a door in prison!)

Despite all odds, the wrongly-sentenced presenter found a way to bounce back by taking a proactive approach.

During incarceration, Raphael had studied Journalism through a correspondence course. Also, during the long campaign for justice, the Notorious author garnered several broadcast and print journalists' interest. 

The education proved advantageous for the aspiring journalist as he got an insight into the world of reporting. So much so, he became the first mixed-race to report for Today, The Six O'Clock News, and Panorama.

The TV host thus re-established himself as a highly respected journalist. Now, his message is simple:

Wherever you are in life at the present time, don’t think you are going be in the same place in 5 years’ time, because your life can and will change. The key is what you do as an individual to bring about those changes. Do you sit down and wait or take charge of your own destiny?”

Raphael Rowe Reveals Where to Know The Secret Behind His Scar

Raphael Rowe has always been vocal about the psychological scars that prison inflicts on an individual.

But the Inside Worlds Toughest Prisons presenter rarely addressed the story behind a physical scar on his left cheek. His silence caused fans to make all kinds of speculations.

Many believed that the BBC journalist got the scar before imprisonment. You see, Rowe wasn’t always a pretty cookie. Before the wrongful conviction, the 52-year-old Britisher had previous convictions, including one for malicious wounding.

Others hypothesized on Reddit that the scar must have been a result of some fights while he was on the 12-year prison sentence.

But for good, Rowe finally addressed the question in a tweet back in July 2020. He stated that the story behind the scar would, at last, be revealed in his book “Notorious.”

“Notorious” Also Includes Gripping Tales From Rowe's Prison Life

In 2000, the media personality talked about terrible things where men had boiling water thrown on them in a row over a bit of tobacco and how some of them got their skin had peeled off during an interview with Guardian. 

The book “Notorious” seems to give an account of many of such events. 

“For the first time ever, this book will walk you through my improbable personal journey with brutal honesty. The good, the bad, and the ugly. My story, combined with an exceptional journey to the forefront of investigative journalism, remains unparalleled.” says Rowe

Moreover, The broadcaster has teased excerpts from the book on social media, where he describes a fight with another prisoner, someone much larger and bulkier.

Raphael Rowe’s Family Is Yet Another Mystery

The journalist was convicted chiefly on the evidence of a woman named Kate Williamson. According to Rowe, Kate had “told a pack of lies” and framed him as she was jealous of his then-girlfriend, Nancy Stanley. As per Guardian, Rowe had a 12-year-old son born right about the time he was dating Nancy, just before his conviction.

It is unsure if he continued his relationship with Nancy, but he was still in a relationship when in prison. He and his undisclosed girlfriend even had a child together.

For now, nothing seems certain, but all-in-all it seems that Raphael Rowe has two kids and no wife.