The news of Randy Fenoli and singer/songwriter Liza Minnelli’s marriage took the internet by storm after the former tweeted he had been married to the latter for a long time.

The 54-year-old Fashion Designer hit the limelight with the airing of pilot of the TLC show, Say Yes To Dress. His charming personality coupled with his witty fashion outlook won him many hearts. As of 20 July 2018, he has over 251k followers on Instagram.

25 Piece Collection: Randy talks to reporters about his 2018 bridal spring collection in July 2017 (Photo: YouTube)

In 2017, Randy released a modernized variety of classical bridal pieces in his 25-piece collection epically titled, Randy Fenoli Bridal Spring 2018

Randy Fenoli's Career: Kleinfeld Bridal, Randy Knows Best 

The Say Yes To Dress star won Miss Gay America competition as a persona, Brandi Alexander in 1990. He capitalized the money he received for winning the competition to admit himself at the Fashion’s Institute of Technology.

After the completion of his education, he worked for Vivian Dessy Diamond, before being offered a job at Kleinfeld -- a wedding dress store. From 2007 to 2012, he was the Fashion Director for Kleinfeld Bridal.

After leaving Kleinfeld, he has operated as an independent consultant; his services of consultation ranging from mere appearance to full bridal makeover. Since leaving Kleinfeld, Randy has hosted two more shows on TLC -- Say Yes To The Dress: Randy Knows Best and Randy To The Rescue.

In 2012, he published a book, aptly titled. It’s All About The Dress. Also, he has authored a couple more books: Priceless Advice and Inspiring Stories To Help You Find The One.

Randi Fenoli's Impressive Net Worth And Salary 

All his business ventures including a large sum he charges for consultation services has enabled him to assemble an empire whose net worth is reported to be around $4 million. His bridal collections are one of the most selling pieces of clothing which have helped him bank a considerable sum.  

Not just that, he is a regular feature of fashion designing workshops and bridal planning conventions charging a handsome amount as appearance fees. His TV gigs pocket him around $55,000 annually in salary.

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Randy Can Make You Look Like Meghan Merkel

The TLC's show host was in the news in May 2018 after helping recreate Meghan Merkel's iconic wedding dress in the wake of the royal wedding. He advised his followers on various ways to recreate the iconic dress in a low budget and even left tips on how to do it yourself. 

The advice came a month after the release of his own bridal collection, which was released as Randy Fenoli Bridal Spring 2018 in April 2018. 

Randy Fenoli's Bio: Youngest Of 7 Children

Born on January 30, 1964, the former director for Kleinfeld Bridal sewed his first dress at just nine years old. Soon his interest extended to the art of makeup and hairstyling.

Randy grew up in Mount Vernon, Illinois, the USA alongside with his brother, Rick and five other siblings. Rick is married to Cherie on a cattle farm owned by his family. The couple threw Randy a surprise party for his 50th birthday.

The Fashion director-turned-author seemed to have shared an intimate relationship with his mother. Sharing a picture of him and his mother fishing on Instagram in July 2017, he called the picture one of his favorites.

Is Randy Fenoli Gay?

Apart from his TV shows, another much talked about facet of his life has been his sexuality. Randy has been accused of being a closeted gay his whole life.

Similarly, his choice of career has not helped the gay rumors as there's a stigma attached to holding a career in fashion designing - all fashion designers are gay.  The first of these accusations surfaced as he took part in Miss Gay America in 1990.

He has neither denied the accusation nor confirmed it. To make matter worse, he tweeted he was married to a woman in 2011, further propelling public into confusion.

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Randy Fenoli's Married Joke On Twitter

In 2011, responding of a fan tweet, the rumored gay designer jokingly tweeted that he was married to Liza Minnelli ‘online’ for seven years. It was a reference to an error made on his Wikipedia profile.

Twitter Wife: Liza Minnelli, the rumored woman, married to Randy Fenoli. (Photo: Pinterest)

At the time when Randy made those tweets, he was fresh off of a breakup with a partner he’d been dating for seven and a half years. The two partners failed to get married despite their long dating life.

Randy Has Canine Partner: Chewy

Despite not having any human partners to show, the fashion designer does boast a partner, a dog named Chewy. He is incredibly attached to Chewy and is accompanied by it where ever he goes. 

Amidst gay rumors, the celebrity TV personality seems to have abandoned his search for a partner altogether after finding one with his dog. Similarly, he seems too focused on releasing bridal collections one after another rather than search for a bride himself.