American alligator catcher Paul Bedard loved the nasty beats all his life, and now after all the years of rescuing them, he doesn't seem to have any qualms about professing his love for them publicly. It was like he was married to the beasts.

The Florida-based rescuer became when he was featured in Animal Planet's hit series, Gator Boys, which follows Paul and his work partner catch the nuisance alligators who are wandering out of the wild into the human settlements.

Gator Boys: Watch Paul and his co-workers catch a wild alligator that ventured in a swimming pool (Published on 18 November 2018)

Read some of the interesting facts and lesser-known wikis about America's renowned alligator catcher, including his married life, wife, daughter, near-death experiences, and net worth as of 2017.

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1. Paul Bedard Wiki-Like: Started To Catch Alligators Because Of His Love For Them

When Paul first started to work with alligators, it was for the alligator-wrestling, which has quite an entertainment value in his home state of Florida, where alligators are common nuisances for the people and need to be caught and take out of human settlements.

While working closely with the animals, he started to fall in love for the animals. He started to buy the animals for his wrestling games from one of the major trappers, so he wouldn’t have to see them killed. The trapper, seeing young Paul’s love for the animals, asked him to work for him and become an alligator catcher.

2. Paul Earned Massive Net Worth From Gater Boys

Wanting to keep alligators and human away from each other, to keep them both safe, Paul became an alligator catcher. In the business, he met Jimmy Riffle and two of them formed a partnership that has lasted for years.

The two them also appear on Animal Planet’s hit series, Gator Boys, which follows the pair as they go through their job of catching nuisance alligators in the Everglade, Florida. Gator Boys premiered in 2012 and still is entertaining people to this day.

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From the show, Paul must have earned enormous net worth, though there is no exact number on the wikis.

3. As Gator-Catcher Paul Has Had Multiple Near Death Experiences

As an alligator catcher, Paul puts himself at the risk of death every day. And one of the biggest hazards of going at it with an alligator is the risk of being bitten to death.

It is at the same time scary and relieving that Paul has already been bitten numerous times. So much that his partner, Jimmy, even joked that he could be in Guinness Book of World Records.

Luckily though, according to Paul himself, the alligators spit him out as soon as they bite him, thus causing him no great harm.

4. Paul Bedard's Married Life: Who Is The Wife?

While it is not known who Paul is married to, or if he even has a wife, but, as stated earlier, Paul is deeply in love with the 1000-pound crawlers, and the love almost resembles a romantic relationship.

Gator Love: Paul Bedard professing his for an alligator during the Valentine's Day 2018 (Photo: Gator Boys' Instagram)

He even posted a photo of him kissing an alligator during the Valentine’s Day, with a card saying ‘Be Mine’; the whole scene looked like a romantic proposal.

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A happy married life with a wife and a couple of children, athletic son, and an intelligent daughter might be the dream of the rest of the world, but for Paul, it seems like, alligators are enough.