American reality star Parker Schnabel earned his recognition after appearing in the reality series Gold Rush: Alaska aired on the Discovery channel. The series comprises gold mining tasks by family-run mining companies in South America and western North America.

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Schnabel Spent Six Months on the Set with His Girlfriend

The reality star was once in a relationship with an Australian girlfriend, Ashley Youle. The couple began dating after their first meeting in Australia in April 2016.

The former pair started seeing each other after Youle accepted the gold miner's invitation to spend some time in North America. Schnabel even introduced his girlfriend to the castmates of the series and their romance was also featured on-screen. She appeared on two seasons of the series.

However, after dating for nearly two years, Schnabel ended his relationship with Youle in March 2018. Talking about the root of the split, he first stated during Gold Rush: Alaska's episode 'Win Big or Die Trying' that he did not make their relationship a “priority” nor did he make his girlfriend a priority.

Ashley and I broke up. I just never really made the relationship a priority, didn't make her a priority, and she deserves a lot better than that. At the end of the day, I do think she is doing what's best for her and that's the hardest part of it... it's a real shame.

Saying good things about her, Schnabel also confessed that Youle could “do better” than him. Later, he insisted that he is a moody and surly personality and considered the breakup as a personal failure. Since then, he has not been revealed of being in a relationship. 

Is He Gay?

After his failed relationship with Youle, Schnabel has often been professed as gay by his fans and followers. The Gold Rush: The Dirt star's reasoning that his split with his girlfriend was because of his personal problems merely added fuel to the flames.

However, he has not addressed the rumors through his social sites or in interviews, More importantly, his previous relationship with the opposite sex confirms that he is not gay, at least not until this point.

However, there is enough evidence of married men coming out as gay, in case he was a closeted one and was thinking of coming out!

His Rumored Girlfriends Includes National Geographics' Researcher

A photo posted by Schnabel on August 13, 2018, showed him casually sitting next to a brunette. What was more interesting about the picture is that the two were sitting under a 'Danger' sign. Some casual hint, maybe?

As for the woman next to him, she is Sheena Cowell, a senior researcher for National Geographics. But none of them have confirmed if they ever dated each other.

Parker and Sheena Cowell pose for a photo while under a DANGER sign.

Parker Schnabel and Sheena Cowell pose for a photo while under a DANGER sign. (Photo: Parker's Instagram)

Similarly, outlets like AmoMama and The Blast reported that the gold miner and Tyler Mahoney might be involved in a romantic relationship. But again, the details are not confirmed by the Gold Rush star.

Schnabel Has Been Starring in 'Gold Rush' since Its Beginning

The Alaska native has appeared on the series Gold Rush: Alaska since its debut in 2010. In the series, he attempts to help the miners to discover gold at several locations.

In the fourth season of the series, he made the provocative decision to move away from his home mining area to seek new fortunes in the Yukon territory. He even used his own college trust fund for the operation.

From 2012 to 2016, he also appeared in another reality television series, a spin-off of Gold Rush, Gold Rush: The Dirt

In 2017, he started his new show Gold Rush: Parker's Trail that divulges the efforts of gold mining by Parker and his team. The show completed its fourth season in May 2020.

His Gold Mining Stint Has Resulted in Massive Net worth

The reality star—who was born as Parker Russell Schnabel on July 22, 1994—has undoubtedly garnered the prominent part of net worth at the early age of 26 from his mining job from the Gold Rush series.

Having been involved in mining activities from his childhood, he has garnered a massive net worth of $8 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. He consistently out-earns his rivals like Rick Ness and Ted Hoffman on the reality program using his intelligence and strong determination that outpaces his age.

Despite the bulky net worth, he does not own a boat or any fancy cars or a fancy house; instead, he has a big expensive sandbox.

And what I mean, is that we are buying new equipment to improve our operation. I don’t own a boat or any fancy cars or a fancy house. I have a big expensive sand box instead. - Schnabel told Maxim