Norah O'Donnell believes that the heart of journalism is truth and trust which are build upon your record of delivering things fairly and truthfully. However, she has not always been lauded for her reporting; she has also attracted criticism in her quest for the truth. 

The 44-year-old is the co-anchor of CBS This Morning. Apart from CBS This Morning, the media persona has also served her time with MSBC, where she hosted the MSNBC LIve and Weekend Today. 

CBS' Norah O'Donnell on CBS This Morning in 2018(Photo:

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Moreover, Norah lived in Seoul of South Korea for two years when she was 10. During her time there, she even got her very first job of appearing in kind of an 'English-teaching television program,' where she presented tapes, as it was required to learn English during the middle school in Seoul.

She even divulged that it was then; when she understood that work resulted in pay which gave freedom to buy the things one wished to have.

During her senior year at  Georgetown University, Norah interned at  ABC News for This Week With David Brinkley. After her work there, she landed her first print journalism job at Roll Call newspaper where she served as a reporter. By 1994, Norah was already one of the Panelist in the show Youngbloods which aired on National Empowerment Television. She was involved there for two years. 

After NET, in 1999, Norah joined NBC as a Washington Bureau correspondent where she contributed 12 years of her life. She also worked as a rotating news anchor on Weekend Today before taking up the job of a fill-in anchor for MSNBC Live.

Meanwhile, in 2011, Norah, who was one of the most prominent reporters of MSNBC, was signed by CBS News who happened to be one of the highest-profile talent signings.

Norah continued working as Chief White House correspondent until 2012 but for CBS News. In 2011, she also worked as a fill-in anchor on CBS Evening News and as a fill-in host and correspondent for Face the Nation. Since fall of 2012, she has been on CBS This Morning after replacing Erica Hall which has helped her gain even more recognition, a role she has continued till now.

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Joining CBS as a correspondent from the rivals MSNBC meant that Norah was able to command a huge salary. Moreover, her salary received an increment when she was upgraded from the correspondent to weekday anchor of CBS' flagship morning show, This Morning. Her co-anchor Gayle King signed a contract of three years in 2016 which guaranteed her a yearly salary of $5.5 million per year. As a co-host, Norah also commands a salary which is in line with Gayle's salary. 

The salary she commands at CBS has been reflected in her net worth as she enjoys a whopping net worth of $8 million. 

Norah O'Donnell, born on 23 January 1974 in San Antonio had parents of Irish origin. As a 10-year-old, Norah moved into the South Korean capital Seoul with her family where they stayed for about two years. 

Norah is married to restaurateur Geoff Tracy, and the couple has three children. The couple, who married in June 2001, resides in a lavish house at the DC.

Geoff has three eateries in the DC area, and Norah is also based there. The home boasts a limestone topped kitchen island which is the couple's abode during their free time.

Not only do they share a glass of wine on their kitchen, but they also released a  cookbook for parents titled Baby Love: Healthy, Easy, Delicious Meals for Your Baby and Toddler, whose idea was conceived in the kitchen.

However, the peaceful life she enjoys with her husband and children at her house is a far cry from the hassles at her work. 

Controversies And Political Affiliation

Norah courted controversy after calling former house speaker Newt Gingrich a racist in 2010 after he commented on then-president Barrack Obama playing basketball and scoring three-pointers.

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However, Newt bit back calling Norah a racist and explained that all he was saying was they needed a good president who works not score three-pointers.

What's more, she received a lot of flak from commentators who had political affiliation towards republicans after asking a 17-year-old about Sarah Palin. Covering a book signing event by Sarah Palin, Norah interviewed a teenage girl who was draped in a t-shirt condemning the financial bailout.

Norah said to the young age fan that Sarah was the one who endorsed the financial bailout, to which the teenager gave a disbelieving look. When Norah further asked the teenager what she liked about Sarah, the teenager gave a cringing reply about the constitution. 

However, the light-hearted interview was made a mockery and showed a structured publicity stunt by various political commentators.

Nora Hosted Special Remembrance Coverage Of George H.W. Bush After He Passed Away

Nora might be a left-leaning journalist and the right-wing politicians and journalists might criticize her but Nora is a journalist first and she often times forgets her personal political inclination for the truthful journalism. One recent evidence was her presenting of former president George H.W. Bush's remembrance episode, even though Bush was a right-wing politician.

After the former president of the United States and expert diplomat, George H.W. Bush died on 30 November 2018, Nora presented a special episode of CBS 60 Minutes, about the life and achievements of the forty-first president. Nora presented recent interviews of three former presidents, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, as they praised the deceased president and hailed him as the most prepared president to enter the White House.

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President George W Bush told Nora how his now deceased father taught him that the office of the presidency was more important than the president himself, and how the president should always try to bring honor to the office. President Clinton remembered the letter his predecessor left him as the word of advice from an outgoing president to the incoming one.  President Obama praised him for his deft handling the immediate aftermath of the end of the cold war.