Dark actress Lisa Vicari gets candid about her time-travel fantasy if it was actually possible in reality. 

During a promotional interview with NileFM for her time-travel series Dark, the German actress shared her wish to travel back to the ’90s.

When the NileFM presenter Mickey asked Vicari about a one-way time-travel trip she would choose, she first said that she really hated the idea of one-way travel or "going somewhere and not being able to come back." 

But after the interviewer insisted she share the place she liked to travel, she further added that she would possibly time-travel to the ‘90s in Europe.

 “I would probably go somewhere like the ‘90s because it feels like it is one of the most peaceful times in Europe,” Vicari elaborated.

The actress also referenced the 50's and 60's but expressed her caution as a "woman."

So I love the 50s or 60s, just because of how everybody looked and the whole period. But I wouldn’t want to be there (the '50s or '60s) at that time as a woman especially, so I think I would go for the 90s.


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The video interview of Vicari has received a single comment till the date on Youtube. The comment was made by a user named Kiran Usha.

In his comment post, he humorously asked Vicari to take him with her when she would travel in the '90s. The comment stated, “When you go there, take me with you.”

Lisa Vicari recently had a big release in the form of Netflix’s series Dark Season 3. The series’ third or final season dropped on June 27, 2020, on Netflix. 

In the series, Vicari played Martha Nielsen—a teenage high school girl—who was destined to be one of the edges of the never-ending cycle of pain and suffering.

In addition to the Munich native, the series cast included actors such as Louis Hofmann, Maja Schöne, Jördis Triebel, Andreas Pietschmann, Lisa Kreuzer, Oliver Masucci and Dietrich Hollinderbäumer among others. The show was was written by Jantje Friese and directed by Baran bo Odar.

Dark revolved around a time-travel storyline set in the fictional town of Winden in Germany. 

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