American Reporter Matt Gutman is someone who has stood up for love - he supports the LGBTIQ communities and also tries to bring forth the happiness in the lives of his children and partner. 

The New Jersey-native is best known for his contribution on ABC News - he has hosted various programs for the network. The ABC news senior national correspondent currently hosts the US weekly TV series Sea Rescue in addition to creating insightful reports on the issues around the world.  

He has also reported for ABC News broadcasts and platforms like GoodMorning America (2010-2018), Nightline (2013-2014), 20/20 (2012-2016) and World News Tonight with David Muir (2011-2018).

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Gutman is particularly known for reporting from 40 plus countries across the globe. Similarly, in July 2018, he covered the controversial Thai-soccer-team cave rescue mission.

What happened was that 12 boys and their football coach went on a trip to Tham Luang Nang Non caves in Chiang Rai, only to go missing (on 23 June) after exploring the forest too deep.

Since then, they were trapped inside the cave until the rescue team reached them on 2 July. The high-risk search and rescue operation brought divers and volunteers from several countries and captivated people around the globe.

Tesla's CEO Elon Musk also volunteered and went inside the cave to save the children's lives. 

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Moreover, Matt also later featured on ABC's new show on Facebook Watch Today called On Location on 6 August 2018.

The show is a quick daily news report that lasts to only five minutes. It is presented in a vertical format tailored to mobile viewing. The show, as per producers,  explores a modern way of the news broadcast.

Matt Gutman's Bio: ABC, 2010 Gulf Oil Spill, Terrorist Attacks Coverage

Matt began his career as a Jerusalem based reporter for seven years covering significant conflicts and wars in the Middle East. He rose to fame after joining ABC News Radio in 2008 and hosted various shows and programs for the channel later.

He made headlines covering 2010 Gulf Oil Spill - his reports on BP's effort to plug the well and environmental and economic devastation wrought caused by the spill. He has also covered the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, Venezuela, and San Bernardino.

Apart from that Matt with his ABC team won the prestigious National Association of Black Journalist award for their investigation of the Trayvon Martin shooting.

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What is Matt Gutman's Salary & Net Worth?

There is no doubt to say that Matt has enjoyed a huge amount of net worth from his career.

According to sources ,a reporter in ABC earns between $52,661 to $108,353. And Matt is not your average reported, he is the chief national correspondent for the network, which means he enjoys payroll in millions.

A small look at Matt's ten-year television career hints us that he reached the height of the millionaires' list with growing net worth ans salary every adding year. 

Matt Gutman's Age & Family

Born on 5 December 1977 in Westfield, New Jersey, United States, Matt is of American nationality. He was born to father, Paul J. Gutman, and mother, Sharon Gutman. He also has a sister naming Racheal Gutman. 

When it comes to his education, he attended the Williams College and graduated with his Bachelor's degree from Newark Academy in the year 2000. 

Is Matt Gutman's Gay?

Matt's hazel green eyes, solid body, surfer image, well-dressed personality and flawless hair have captured the hearts of many fans, including the gay community. 

Plus, he has been a direct or indirect supporter of gay and homosexual rights (in his articles and on social media sites), and that has made him one of the favorite subjects for gay gossip sites.

One such article posted by him was about Olympic freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy, who came out as gay in front of the media.

Due to Matt's constant support towards the LGBT community, it normal for people to wonder about his sexuality, but apparently, he is not gay.

It's not rocket science that celebs in the industry are made subjects of gay rumors once they land in the famous zone.

Matt Gutman's Married Life With Wife, Rachel Gutman

Comparing his love and work life, there is sufficient coherency, i.e., things are going pretty well in both the dimension.

He married his young love Rachel Gutman in 2007. The couple is even blessed with two adorable kids, a son named Tom, and a daughter.

A quick glance at his social media clarifies everyone that he is not shy when it comes to flaunting his family.

Matt Gutman's Children Update: Gutman Jr. Turns Four Years Old

On 3 August 2018, Matt celebrated his son, Tom's fourth birthday, taking the day off to spend some quality time with his son.

Tom surely is getting more and more handsome with age. As the saying goes, like father like son, Matt will be hoping to rub off his charisma and good character to his son.  

Happy Birthday Son: Matt Gutman celebrates his fourth birthday on 3 August 2018 (Photo: Matt Gutman's Instagram)

The Gutman family know how to party, which was imminent when he posted a picture of their family celebrating fourth of July with a star wars theme. So, Matt, being a good dad he is, must have planned something special for his son for his birthday.

Is Matt Gutman Happy WIth Wife Rachel Gutman? 

Matt's successful family life with wife and children is definitely something to talk about.

Being happily married to wife Rachel Gutman for about a decade now, he is living his life to the fullest. He is fond of his family and loves to flaunt them on social media.

Even with such hectic schedules, he manages to spend time with them. A quick look at his social media makes us aware of his bond with his family. 

One of such instances was an Instagram post made by Matt on 18 May 2018, congratulating his wife, Racheal on their anniversary of 11 years. He wrote:

She makes me happy. Eleven years of marriage with this spitfire of a woman. Best decision I ever made. Happy anniversary @daphida !!

With this, he even took to social media to show his love towards his kids (a son and a daughter) by another post. He wrote:

Six years and a foot separate these two. But better buddies there never were... here’s to siblings (that’s you @tuttitutti73 ) h/t photo the talented mama @daphida

This shows that the love for his family grows with each passing day. 

Siblings Pose: Matt Gutman posts picture on Instagram of his two kids on 25 April 2018 (Photo: Matt Gutmans Instagram)

As of now, Matt Gutman is enjoying his life with a succesful career and a beautiful family. 

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