Mary Teresa Barra always had general motors in her life, as she was born and bred in the company's surrounding. Not only did she achieved a steady rise with the company, but her time also saw her top the various riches list and became one of the most female influencers in the world.

Mary Teresa Barra is the CEO of General Motors Company(GM) since 15 January 2014. Mary is the first female CEO of a major global automaker.

General Motors CEO: Mary Baree on the annual meeting of shareholders of General Motors Company at General Motors world headquarters on 12 June 2018 (

She was named as a successor of Dab Akerson as Chief Executive Officer by GM on 10 December 2013. Before that, she also served as the Executive Vice President of Global Product Development, Purchasing, and Supply Chain.

Mary Barra's Career Has Nothing But GM In It

Mary began her career at the young age of 18 holding a variety of engineering and administrative positions including managing the Detroit/ Hamtramck Assembly plant.

She was titled the Vice President of Global Manufacturing Engineering in February 2008. The following year she was promoted as the Vice President of Global Human Resources.

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On February 2011 she was named Executive Vice President of Global Product Development. Her responsibility as a Vice President was extended to include Global Purchasing and Supply Chain.

After covering various sectors of the company, she finally became the CEO of General Motors Company in January 2014. With that, she was elected for the board of Disney in August 2017, making her the 12th person to be elected on the board.

She is also the member of General Dynamics Board of Directors and the B.O.D of the Detriot Economic Club.

The Chairman of General Motors Company has achieved a lot in her career. Bestowed with numerous honors and titles, such as Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World and many more, she has undoubtedly made a significant impact in the General Motors Company. 

Mary was also listed number one in Fortune’s Most Powerful Women list in 2015. She was listed as one of the world's most powerful women by the business magazine, Forbes, in 2016.

Mary Barra's Bio; Received M.B.A IN 90's

Born on 24 December 1961, she is the daughter of mother Eva Makela and father, Ray Makela. She spent her childhood in Waterford, Michigan.

After attending the Waterford School in Waterford, Michigan, she graduated from Waterford Mott High School. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from General Motors Institute.

Later she attended Stanford Graduate School of Business receiving her Masters in Business Administration degree in 1990. Her successful professional career has been supplemented by her stable family life. 

Manages Time For Family And Husband Tony Bara

She is married to financial consultant husband, Tony Barra. However, precise information about her wedding date has still not been revealed to the media.

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Mary met her husband during their university days at the Kettering University and got married after a brief dating period. The couple share two children; Nicholas and Rachel. Both her husband and kids are the important part of her career and often involves to boost up her career.

Family together: Mary Barra along with her husband Tony Bara and daughter Rachel attends the North American International Auto Show held at Detroit, Michigan in January 2014. (Photo: Dailymail)

Despite taking helms of the biggest automobile company in the world, Mary is an ultimate family woman managing her professional life and personal life brilliantly.

Her dedication towards her family is a long-running example in the GM, as she is said to have even walked out from top brasses meetings to pick her kids up from the school.

Talking to an interview with in April 2015, Mary revealed that she ends her meetings on time to watch her daughter's soccer game. She further insisted that we need to respect our priorities in our lives and to have a fulfilling life, we should possess that flexibility. She believes that it is all about finding a balance that actually improves the quality of work output rather than detracting from it.

Similarly, she had her kids' artworks on display at her office and even proudly bragged about them. 

Mary Barra: Top Paid Auto CEO Enjoys Hefty Net Worth

Her dedication towards her family has not had an adverse effect on her career; instead, it has reached newer heights with every passing day. 

After becoming the first female CEO of a major global automaker, she earned a whopping salary of $22.6 million in the year 2016. Although the payment was down by 21% compared to the year 2015, it was by far much more than any other CEO in the automobile industry.

Similarly, she also earned  $21.96 million in salary and benefits, becoming the first women to top the riches list twice.

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When it comes to her net worth, the exact amount is still not revealed to the media. But with such huge figures attached to her name along with shares and stocks in the company, she, without a doubt, has a huge net worth. 

Holding the title of the world’s top-paid auto CEO, Mary Barra is at the top of her game, and it does not look like she is in a hurry to relinquish the title.