At first glance, Mark looks like an Asian man. And that is true, but only partially. In fact, his ancestry comes from all sorts of places around the world, not just from Asia.

In an interesting Youtube video in 2017, the  Pheonix native disclosed information about his DNA test. The test result was surprising, to say the least.

Who Is Mark Weins?

Mark Wiens is a travel blogger, YouTuber, and a food enthusiast. The food vlogger makes a living out of traveling many regions around the world and eating different kinds of food. He shares this travel and food experiences in his blog and Youtube channel.

Mark Wiens Was Born To Chinese Mother And Caucasian Father

Mark Wiens was born in Phoenix, Arizona, the United States in the year 1986. Both of his parents were Christian missionaries.

His mother was a Chinese born in Hawaii, where as his father was Caucasian. Further, his grandfather from his mother’s side was a Chinese chef. 

Mark’s DNA Test Reveal Surprising Things His Ethnicity And Parents' Ancestry

Prior to the test, Mark had been telling people that he was half-Chinese. Mark does seem to get his looks from his mother's side of the family. But, he is also of German-Austrian descent from his father’s side. Up until Mark's DNA test, this was all the ancestry details that people knew about.

In May of 2017, Mark decided to get his DNA tested from 23andMe in order to find out his true and detailed ancestry. 

The DNA report showed that his claim of being "half-Chinese" was not quite there. The report showed that he was, technically, 44.4% Chinese.

In addition to this, the report also revealed that he had varying degrees of French, German, Southeast Asian, British, Irish, Scandinavian, and Eastern European ancestry from his father's side. Regarding this, the report said that Mark most likely had a second, third, fourth, or fifth great-grandparent who was 100% Dutch or German. That person was most likely born between 1780 and 1870.

The test further suggested that he was 51.3% East Asian/Native American and 48.7% European.

Mark’s Father Also Took The Test And Compared The Results With Him

Following Mark’s test results, his father, too, took the DNA test.

Mark and his dad found out that his father was 99.3% North West European. Furthermore, he was 30% French-German and 30% Scandinavian. They then compared their results to see if they had any similarities regarding their tastes and other aspects. They found that Mark and his dad share the same love for spicy foods and, get this, caffeine. 

The results suggested that Mark had a tendency to drink a slightly more than average amount of caffeine, which, Mark revealed was true. Mark mentioned that he indeed did drink an unusually large amount of tea and coffee. In addition to that, the test also correctly predicted his love for salty food. Referring to that, Mark said that he preferred salty food to sweet food 71% of the time. 

Another thing Mark said that his test revealed was that he was most likely going to have a little unibrow. 

Mark Weins Traveled Throughout His Childhood

As a young boy growing up, Mark moved a lot. When Mark was five years old, his family moved to Albertville, a town in the Alpes region of France. He attended his first year of school in France. His family then moved to live in the heart of Africa: Tandala village of the Democratic Republic of Congo (which was then known as Zaire). There, he learned a lot of things regarding food and culture.

But, due to the bad political climate and breaking out of the war in Congo, they had to move again. After living about three and a half years there, his family moved to Nairobi, Kenya. He completed his education, from the 5th grade to high school graduation in 2008, at the Rosslyn Academy there. Then, after graduation, he moved back to the US.

The fact that Mark lived among various cultures from early in his life is also what he attributes to his love for food and travel.