The food and travel vlogger Mark Wiens makes his living by traveling to different corners of the world and tasting various dishes. With an estimated net worth of more than $2 million and over 7 million subscribers in his YouTube channel, the entrepreneur revealed his secret to the dream life in one of his videos from 2014. 

The valuable secret

In his 2014 video, the entrepreneur laid out his secrets of making money through traveling and eating.

The video guided his fans who wish to follow in his footsteps into the vlogging game. Wien, in the video, talked about the four major platforms from which he receives his income.

The first secret/suggestion Wien talked about is affiliate recommendations, which is basically recommending hotels and places where he has already been to.

The vlogger addressed that this created a win-win situation for both him and his fans, as his fans get a top-notch experience, and he gets paid by the hotels for his recommendation. 

The second and one of his major income sources is selling his own travel and food guide ebooks. The entrepreneur mentioned he has 4 books to his name.

The vlogger also recommended freelance writing through blogs as another income source. The YouTuber explains blogging is a great way not only to display one's expertise but be part of spectacular freelancing projects. He mentions he has written for renowned magazines and newspapers like CNN and Gazette. Since joining the blogging game in 2009 for Migrationology, he said he has come to enjoy writing. 

The final and most important secret to making money that the YouTube star gave away to his fans was to make videos. The vlogger declared he gets a sizeable chunk of his income from the Ads from his videos, which always helps him earn the extra dollar.

As for videos, another suggestion that the YouTuber gave out for his fans in his interview with the Entrepreneur in 2018 was to make long engaging content as they are more popular on YouTube and generate more watch time.

Commitment Is Key

The one thing the vlogger was sure to mention constantly was the commitment required for his job. 

At the end of the video, the YouTuber revealed that in 2014, most of his wife and his income went into traveling rather than having a lavish lifestyle. He admitted they didn’t own a car and saved the extra nickel spent on gas and maintenance on plane tickets and street food.

In the Entrepreneur interview, Wien also disclosed that many people have a misconception about his job being fun and games. But that is far from true, as the vlogger talked about working 14 hours straight for his videos to edit, research, or do marketing.

The YouTuber also stated that producing two video contents in a week meant he had to film for two days and spend the remaining five days editing it and making it look presentable. 

Wien believes that commitment is key at the end of the day, and the benefits that follow are its rewards.