Canadian celebrity chef Mark McEwan and his then-girlfriend put one of their biggest life goals on hold for his beloved first restaurant. His supportive wife also agreed to put a hold on her desires to support his dippy idea.

Mark, the head judge on Canadian television series, Top Chef Canada has managed to strike a balance between his family and professional life after his restaurant business flourished.

Apart from Top Chef Canada, he also has his own show The Heat with Mark McEwan, airing on Food Network Canada. On July 2018, Mark also launched his own show, Chef To Chef With Mark McEwan.

Chef To Chef With Mark McEwan: Canadian celebrity chef appears on his own reality show about other food connoisseurs and their stories of success and failure (published on 15 September 2018)

Alongside Gordon Ramsay, Mark McEwan is probably one of the best and most famous chefs working today.

Mark McEwan Bio: Started Career As Dishwasher

Mark was born in 1957 in Buffalo, the second largest city in the state of New York. After spending his childhood in New York, he moved to Canada and later graduated from George Brown College in 1979.

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Initially, Mark worked as a dishwasher in a local restaurant in Buffalo before working as an executive sous chef in the Sutton Place Hotel in Toronto in 1981.

His first restaurants were Pronto, and North 44which he opened in 1990 in Toronto. After his early success, he has opened several restaurants in Toronto.

Mark McEwan Accumulated Net Worth From Restaurant Business

In early 2009, he opened McEwan to upscale gourmet food with an investment of $6 million. The list of his restaurants includes Bymark Restaurant, ONE - The Hazelton Hotel, McEwan Foods, and FABBRICA Restaurant.

With his passion for food and involvement in the food industry, Mark McEwan's net worth is estimated to be approximately $7 million. However, with his restaurant business reaching newer heights and having invested heavily in McEwan, his net worth is sure to flourish even more in the future.

Mark McEwan's Ventures In Television, Broadcasting & Writing

Besides restaurants, Mark is also into books. He wrote his first book, Great Food at Home, in 2011. Likewise, Mark is also a television personality is the head judge on Canadian reality competition television series, Top Chef Canada.

Recently, he appeared on the sixth season of the series from April to May 2018.

Mark's most recent venture, however, is a new web series, Chef To Chef With Mark McEwan.

The series, which aired on various social sites and digital medias, is primarily presented by Grub Content and Centennial College.

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The main theme of the show is, obviously, food but unlike his previous shows, this will follow Mark as he meets with his fellow culinary experts and talk to them about food, their passion, and stories, both of success and failure, all while tasting the delicious food they made and which, in turn, made them.

Mark McEwan & Wife Delayed Family Plans For Restaurants

During his early career, the talented chef worked as a dishwasher and a cook.

With his chef job generating a decent income stream, Mark was planning for one of the most important days of his life after the birth of his first child, but things didn't go according to the plan.

When Mark's wife, Roxanne McEwan, was pregnant with their son, they decided to get married, but they had to hold their wedding plans.

Mark halted the wedding plans after he got an opportunity to open a restaurant, which he didn't want to miss. His wife duly supported Mark, and indeed Mark's love deepened for his wife.

Mark and Roxanne first opened the restaurant and then went to City Hall to request their marriage license to properly plan their upcoming wedding.

The novice chef had sold his sports car and crashed his tax refund to purchase the restaurant, but for the cash flow, he also had to ask his parents to put the second mortgage on their house.

Mark McEwan's Wedding & Family Business

Eric, their son, has been a good omen in their life since the beginning of their success.

Back when he was a newborn baby, he went to City Hall together with his parents for their marriage license. Now as an adult, he looks after a family business following his father footstep.    

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Eric is currently the general manager of McEwan Foods TD, which is a McEwans’ owned gourmet food business.

His parents, who own four restaurants, tied the knot after his birth and officially got married on 18th May 1986 at a small church on Weston Road.

They invited about 80 guests including their closest friends and family back to Pronto to celebrate the big day.

Mark McEwan's Wife Is His Favourite Cook

Family Time: Family man Mark McEwan spends quality time with family in Mexico.  (Photo: Mark McEwan's Instagram)

Mark regularly spends his holiday with his family and also posts exotic pictures on his social accounts.

He also frequently shares pictures of his grandchildren, letting the world know that he is successful in both his personal as well as prfoessional ventures.

The veteran chef regards his wife as his favorite cook. He insists that he is fond of the most amazing spaghetti, meatballs, and pasta cooked by Roxanne.

The Buffalo, New York native, Mark believes that he could not have achieved the accomplishments without the love of his life, Roxanne, who supported Mark’s risky ideas when he made the most critical decision of his life.

Besides, his son, Eric is also fully committed to his father's path to explore restaurants.

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Mark McEwan and his wife's story has taught us that life can be hard sometimes but as long as you are with the right people, you can not only bear it but also find the courage to make it better.