Maribel Aber had managed to keep her personal life private in an age of piracy and privacy leaks. Little was known about her dating life as well as family life - or the fact that she had been married was also an embedded secret. 

The American journalist is a business correspondent for CNN. She is also the Money Talks correspondent for HLN's daily news program Michaela.

Cnn Money Matters' Maribel Aber covers Wall Street's finance in June 2018. (Video:

Aber began her career with the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. In 2000, she joined NASDAQ as associate director, global sales & member services. She got promoted to the chief of staff for the vice chairman of NASDAQ in 2001. Later, she got promoted to vice president of the NASDAQ MarketSite - home of the NASDAQ Opening Bell.

In her tenure at NASDAQ, she partnered with CNN for the famous pre-election show, America Votes 2004 live, for NASDAQ MarketSite, and also negotiated a partnership with Reuters Group Limited that combined NASDAQ Tower and Reuters Sign Properties to create the world's most extensive outdoor digital display system, located in Times Square.

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Maribel Abel's Bio: Joins CNN In 2012

Before joining CNN Newsource in 2012, Aber was host and producer for Wall Street Week, and entertainment host, correspondent, and producer for The Broadway Channel. She covered the Tony Awards and all major red carpet events on Broadway. She also worked as a freelance host in various places including MSN, AOL & the TV show named Brain Fuel TV.

Maintains Low-key Family Life In Age Of Privacy

As a succesful journalist, she has preferred to maintain a high-level of privacy about her personal life. It is quite incredulous the way she has protected her privacy in an age where companies like Facebook are allegedly selling users' information to other companies. It goes to show that the people are indeed provided with the tools to protect their privacy from unwanted scammers. Maybe she should teach the public how to facilitate the said tools properly! However, said that we have managed to gather a sizeable amount of information about her personal life.

With an Asian ethnicity, Aber was born in the state of Virginia, United States, on 29 November 1976. She grew up in Virginia with her family.

Aber has had a pervasive education, that is well deserving of all her success. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in foreign affairs and a minor in German from the University of Virginia.  Later, she graduated from New York Law School.

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Married To Former NASDAQ Exec, Who Is Her Husband?

As mentioned before, the media personality is very much, on the private side. Not much information is out there on her dating life, however as time has passed by, we’ve come to know that she is married.

Her husband is Robert E. Aber, former Senior Vice President and General Counsel to NASDAQ. He is quite the opposite of Mirabel in regards to look and age. She is well into her 30’s, but she does not look it at all. She has a great relationship with gymming, which explains her gorgeous looking body.

The married duo currently resides in New York City. However, they have kept their love story about how they met and how they got married confined within themselves.

CNN's Maribel Aber celebrates Christmas with husband Robert E. Aber in 2017. (Photo:

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Despite having a vast age gap between the pair, they seem perfect for each other. The couple is seemingly leading a happy life sharing lovely pictures of themselves on their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. They enjoy their company, watching movies together with the family, celebrating occasions such as valentine’s day or their respective birthdays.